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Affordable Property Management

Make the most of your affordable property management revenue with an integrated, intuitive solution from RealPage®.

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Affordable Property Management

Mitigate Risk with One Seamless System


Simplify affordable housing property management with OneSite® Affordable, the one completely integrated software solution designed to make your workday—and your life—easier. Process move-ins, certifications, and compliance quickly and more accurately. Conquer low income housing tax credit state reporting. Seamlessly stay in compliance with HUD, Tax Credits, Rural Housing regulations, and the 50058 Public Housing program. And efficiently manage rent and property damage collections. Want to manage revenue, and minimize hassles? This is the only affordable housing software you’ll need.

Why OneSite Affordable?


Customize compliance workflows to meet the needs of your company. You call the shots.


No more duplicating data entry just to complete resident certifications.


OneSite Affordable has a claims finder built in, and will alert you to which units qualify for special claims.


Increase the chance of collecting on damaged properties by attaching an unlimited number of pictures to security deposit dispositions.


No more manual input. Get complete and accurate state reporting in the format you need.


Document management functionality helps you keep complete certification packets within reach for quick access.

Complete Market Overview for RealPage Affordable

How Affordable Housing Software Helps Mitigate Risk and Ease Compliance

We offer a wide range of solutions for your front office, back office and residents, all of which can help you save time and money. We even offer business intelligence applications that can help you track costs, demographics, vacancies and nearly anything else you want to know about how your communities are performing. RealPage Affordable Solutions can help you take care of all that AND help you maintain compliance all from one complete platform.

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RealPage Affordable on the State of the Industry

What’s New in the Affordable Housing Industry

The affordable housing industry is always changing and you need to keep on top of what’s going on and what’s coming up. That’s why industry expert, Greg Proctor, is going to show you what’s going on in the industry today, tomorrow and in the future. He’ll be covering some of the issues the affordable housing industry is facing and what’s coming with industry trends and legislation. So stay up to date with what’s going on and gain useful insights as to why there is such a great need for affordable housing in this country today.

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How RealPage Affordable Makes Property Management Simple

Customize Workflow

OneSite Affordable lets you customize workflow to meet the needs of your company, quickly and easily. Watch the video to see how.

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Removing the Mystery from Multifamily Housing Compliance

Stay Ahead of the Multifamily Housing Compliance Curve

If you want to stay ahead of the compliance curve in multifamily rental housing, this is the webcast for you. Noncompliance with the ADA, Fair Housing accessibility laws, and many others all carry stiff financial penalties, civil fines and more—there is no room for assumptions. Whether you own or operate conventional multifamily, commercial, military housing, affordable housing, student or senior housing, this 40-minute, in-depth presentation takes you through the complex landscape of regulations only an expert would be able to keep up with.

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Risk Mitigation for Affordable Goes Beyond Compliance

This eBook provides insights into why maintaining compliance isn’t enough to be truly successful. It also presents techniques and services you can use to improve compliance and the overall safety of your staff and residents to achieve optimum performance.

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Senior Living Trends eBook
KMG Prestige

“OneSite Tax Credits keeps us in compliance with the requirements of the different housing authorities across multiple states.”

Samuel Brooks
MIS Director, KMG Prestige, Inc.

Make Short Work of The Complex.


Get access to in-depth ADA Accessibility Plans showing you exactly the improvements needed to meet requirements, saving you time, money, and stress.

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Manage workflow, recertifications, income targeting, and more for your HUD communities.

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Automate federal and state compliance monitoring and reporting, quickly and easily.

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HUD 50058

Supports the Public Housing (P) program and produces HUD-50058 certification along with special programs, and more.

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Offers support for all Rural Development (RD) Section 515 properties, and can be layered to manage multiple set-asides and other subsidies, including Section 8.

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Manages your waitlist from application to move in, helping you stay in compliance and offering a complete audit trail of applicants.

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Download the Free eBook on Housing Compliance

Download a free, in-depth eBook that helps to clarify the law and provides a checklist of questions every owner and operator should ask to mitigate ADA and FHA noncompliance risk.

Protect Yourself from ADA & FHA Fines & Penalties

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Housing Compliance eBook

Three Misconceptions Regarding ADA and Fair Housing Accessibility Laws

Man in wheelchair enjoying his Affordable housing

It is quite common for auditors, inspectors and regulatory agencies to misapply the various accessibility laws on the books. Multifamily owners will sometimes find themselves non-compliant because of a misinterpretation of the regulations and may spend thousands of dollars correcting a problem that really doesn’t exist.

In this article, we look at three common misconceptions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Fair Housing Act regarding accessibility at multifamily properties. Read More

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