Managed IT Services

Reduce costs and increase performance with superior IT outsourcing.

Purposefully Built for the Property Management Industry

SmartSource IT delivers a better IT experience, by using the latest tools to monitor, manage, and secure your IT environment, your organization will have a roadmap to stay ahead of today’s changing technology. With more than 20,000 devices under management, your IT environment is backed by our best practices garnered from years of IT management and our 400+ IT professionals.

SmartSource IT controls your expenses with RealPage volume purchase agreements, while providing fixed-cost End User Support, allowing your company to focus on your goals: increasing NOI, moving forward with your strategic vision for Property Management, and your resident’s safety. Our front-line Help Desk keeps your team productive, while we secure your data from cyber threats.

SmartSource Outsourcing Services

SmartSource IT Overview

As your IT needs increase, SmartSource IT leverages its broad team with specialized skills to scale your business.

SmartSource IT Overview
End User Support

Our exceptional technical support service offers unlimited access to our team of experts, so you stay productive.

End User Support
Microsoft Licenses

We’re a Microsoft Gold Cloud Service Provider that advises, supplies and manages your Microsoft licenses.

Microsoft Licenses
Advanced Security

SmartSource partners with best-in-class security company Blackpoint Cyber to manage, detect and respond to threats with a 24/7 security operations center.

Advanced Security
Protective DNS Service

Today’s businesses need secure, private and visible control over internet traffic. SmartSource partners with Webroot to create a highly secure, resilient and manageable connection to the internet.

Protective DNS Service
Backup & Recovery Service

We protect your data using Afi’s complete and accurate Microsoft 365 Backup and recovery service.

Security Awerness Training

Continuous staff training with phishing testing and reporting to keep your team cognizant and vigilant.

Security Awerness Training
Hardware Purchasing & Procurement

Let us assist with identifying the appropriate equipment and procuring it for your team. No need to determine which vendor and model is best.

Hardware Purchasing & Procurement
Consulting Services

Implement IT best practices, such as migrating servers to the cloud, SharePoint development and deployment, and implementing Mobile Device Management or Multifactor Authentication.

Consulting Services

Why SmartSource IT

In today’s environment of hacking and ransomware, a top-notch IT partner is critical. Not all IT providers are created equal. Some of our differentiators are:

Industry Expertise

Emphasis on a single industry allows us to stay ahead of the ever changing and complex cybersecurity threats unique to property management. Our mission is to keep your data safe and your staff productive with the right technology tools for property management.

Purposefully Built for Property Management

At SmartSource IT we focus solely on the property management industry so that our expertise is not diluted with focus outside our scope of excellence. This strategic concentration on property management allows us to enhance the services we provide our clients.

Technical Account Management

A benefit of working with SmartSource IT is a trusted advisor and partner that gets to know your business personally — your Technical Account Manager.

Timely Response & Resolution

Critical issues receive a less than 60-minute response time. Our extended hour help desk support means your business needs are met when you need them. Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. CT.

Certified, Qualified, Technicians

We hire the best, period. Our technicians have many certifications COMP TIA A+, Microsoft and Cisco.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in offering the best service at a competitive price. We know there are IT companies out there cheaper than us. We focus on trusted, reliable, quality solutions for all our clients, not inexpensive band-aids.

Keep your data safe and your team productive with RealPage SmartSource IT.

SmartSource partners with best-in-class security company Blackpoint Cyber to provide real-time threat response with a 24/7 Security Operations Center. As a Blackpoint Cyber partner RealPage SSIT brings state-of-the-art network security to the Property Management Industry.

Market Analytics

Realtime Threat Response

  • Manage, Detect & Respond (MDR)
  • Best in class security with Blackpoint Cyber
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • Former US Intelligence cyber experts

With RealPage SmartSource, Expert IT Knowledge Leads to Success

Cassie Johnson of Tricap Residential Group in Chicago received the technology partner, industry expertise and RealPage systems knowledge she needed when she switched to RealPage® SmartSource™ IT.

SmartSource Full-Service IT Experts Aligned with Business Needs

BH Management trusts RealPage® SmartSource™ IT for support and advice through cyclical changes in their real estate operations, maintaining efficient technology resources, protecting their investments, and empowering successful business decisions.

IT, from Cost Center to Profit Center

Streamline Daily Operations and Reduce IT Expenses

Growing your business requires a significant investment in IT resources. RealPage SmartSource IT helps you manage and reduce those costs while increasing performance across your portfolio. RealPage SmartSource IT offers hosting, support and other custom technology based on your unique needs and business strategies.

Why Outsourcing Property Management IT Makes So Much Sense.

Stop spending hours managing IT issues and focus on your future by outsourcing with RealPage SmartSource IT. In this video, you’ll learn that no matter what asset class you own or manage, SmartSource IT makes financial and operational sense. Flexible and comprehensive, SmartSource does the heavy lifting and can scale up or down as your needs change. And you’ll be supported by top IT professionals who know property management real estate. Put your money where your growth is and move to SmartSource IT.

RealPage SmartSource IT: The Smart Choice for Business Voice

RealPage SmartSource IT makes integration of Microsoft 365 Business Voice easy. Get calling, audio conferencing and a call menu system to instantly route customers to the right department from any location on any mobile device.

Learn more about our Managed IT program and our onboarding process.

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