Affordable Housing Online Leasing

Automate the Affordable Housing Leasing Process, Reduce Vacancy Days and Mitigate Risk

Online Leasing for Affordable Properties

Affordable Online Leasing, RealPage’s mobile-responsive, online leasing solution, integrates in real time with OneSite to help your organization automate the entire leasing process. Improve staff efficiency, optimize your waitlist, reduce risk and cut vacancy losses, and minimize the back-and-forth between applicants and your property.

Affordable Online Leasing offers applicants the convenience of filling out an application from anywhere, 24/7, on demand, over multiple sessions, if needed, so they can get on a waitlist with minimal travel and time off work.

Increase your digital application adoption with a fully digital, mobile-responsive experience that allows prospects to submit applications, pay fees, be screened and sign lease documents from anywhere.

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Nearly 76% of adults with household incomes below $30,000 a year own a smartphone*, which means more affordable market applicants than ever are using them. The convenience of RealPage Affordable Online Leasing means an application can be filled out and electronically signed from a mobile device — anytime, anywhere.

*According to Pew Research

Affordable Housing Screening

RealPage understands the complexities of all types of Affordable properties. Finding qualified affordable housing applicants, staying current on regulations and minimizing risk and exposure in the Affordable space isn’t easy. That’s why we purpose built our Affordable Housing Screening solution to be relevant and current with the latest public policy, legal requirements and industry guidelines. It's all about better enabling you to maintain compliance, keep operating costs down and ensure that you get only qualified applicants.

It's no wonder that 1 million Affordable units rely on RealPage Affordable Housing Screening.

Improve Workflow

Seamlessly integrate Affordable Housing Screening with Affordable Online Leasing to accelerate the approval process and move residents into units faster. Streamlined workflows improve efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry and minimizing errors.

Improve Workflow
Reduce Costs

Avoid paying for screening functionality you don’t need. Lower your costs with a single, low price and gain the ability to streamline qualification processes and manage leasing expenses.

Improve Workflow
Mitigate Risks

Unbiased assessment of applicants delivers qualified residents faster. The criminal classification scoring system incorporates your criminal policies to protect your residents and property. Plus, conduct criminal recertification reviews to uncover any new criminal offenses in the past year, access credit, eviction and national criminal history, including sex offender, OFAC and rental history. Utilize Direct Court Search when instant criminal search is not available in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Improve Workflow
Stay Compliant

Our screening solution features a fully integrated applicant review process with screening recommendations automatically logged in Affordable Online Leasing. Gain precise control of your property’s risk with permission-based settings that prevent staff overrides of screening decisions and unauthorized move-ins so you stay compliant with LIHTC (Section 42), tax-exempt bonds, Section 8, HOME, Rural Development and other local housing programs, and avoid fair housing violations that can lead to fines and lawsuits.

Improve Workflow
Learn how leasing solutions for Affordable can help you automate and improve the applicant-to-resident process.