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The Loyalty Rewards Platform for Multifamily

Specifically designed to engage residents, increase renewals, grow referrals and boost your online reputation.

Community Rewards App

Community Rewards is the top resident engagement and loyalty rewards platform in the multifamily industry, helping marketers and property management teams to meaningfully engage with their residents, increasing retention, improving online reputation, saving on lead conversion costs and driving better operational efficiency.

Save $75 per unit/year in resident turnover costs.

#1 review site in multifamily industry 1

Improve Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) scores by 20% 2

Engage Residents with Automated Campaigns

Community Rewards makes managing your rewards program easy. Automated engagement campaigns are immediately available to offer residents points for completing valuable actions – right from the app:

  • Key resident milestones
  • Lease renewals
  • Social media connections
  • Resident photos & social votes
  • Referrals
Automated Campaigns

Gather Resident Insights

Community Rewards is your resident intelligence hub, providing a continuous feedback loop throughout the lease (not just at move-in & renewal time).

Armed with these insights, your teams can more accurately predict potential problems and make more informed decisions about how to personalize service.

Resident Insights

Send Instant Digital Incentives

Whether your aim is to entice new prospects, apologize for a service mishap or just show your appreciation, Community Rewards makes managing Incentives easy – for residents and for property teams.

Authorized team members can send residents digital Incentives they can claim for reward cards -- from $5 to $4900.

  • Full accountability and reporting
  • Money back on all unclaimed incentives
  • Role-based team dashboard audit controls
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Instant Digital Incentives

Make Rewards Redemption Easy for Residents and Staff

A completely digital and self-service rewards redemption process saves staff time while reducing fraud and theft risk. Residents can choose any combination of digital reward cards from more than 100 brands including virtual VISA. Plus, American Express reward cards can be loaded into residents’ Apple or Google Wallet for the ultimate convenience.

Make Points Redemption Easy

Create Content That Engages & Converts

Developing compelling programming month-in and month-out can be a challenge for any community.

Kick-start your content strategy with Community Rewards’ built-in Idea Catalog of easy-to-use content templates. The curated collections of announcements, polls and events are proven to engage residents and help you achieve your loyalty goals, including:

  • Generating more reviews
  • Promoting new ways to earn rewards
  • Encouraging program participation
  • Planning events
  • Focusing on operations
  • Marketing your community
  • Making community life more fun
Engages & Converts

Boost Referrals, Online Reputation and Lead Conversion

Proactively engage residents over time, building a connection that increases the likelihood they will complete referrals and reviews.

With a single dashboard to monitor ORA trends and respond to reviews, Community Rewards has helped customers improve lead conversion rates by up to 50% while growing their online reputation.

Online Reputation and Lead Conversion

Offer Your Residents Unique Perks

Reward your residents with digital discounts and exclusive offers for national, regional, and local businesses available right in the Community Rewards app.

Engages & Converts
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Build Brand Loyalty

You’ve worked hard to develop a distinctive brand in your markets-- and your rewards program should build your brand too. The Community Rewards White Label app is a standalone, customized version that reinforces your portfolio’s unique identity and program themes. See what Gables Residential accomplished with Captivate, their white-label rewards program powered by Community Rewards.


“They completely blew our minds with our white-label platform. We’ve had over 41,000 reviews written at a 4.4-star rating.”

Kevin Patterson
Marketing Operations Manager, Gables Residential

“Community Rewards is an affordable, user-friendly product and their customer service is amazing.”

Laurie Frias
Southwest Director of Marketing, Lincoln Property Company

“Last quarter alone, we saw about 2,000 of our residents go through Community Rewards to request a renewal of their lease.”

Victoria Kirchhoff
Director of Marketing, RPM
Tap Into the Power of the Fully Engaged Resident

When you put the 4 Rs to work you’ll see how Retention and Renewals, Reputation and Revenue can combine for a successful Resident Engagement program.

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1. In terms of average reviews per property per site. Source: J Turner Research. “Mechanics of Online Reputation”, 6th Edition.
2. Outperformance vs. industry average. Source: RealPage internal research.