RealPage® Vendor Credentialing

Everything You Need for Effective Vendor Management.

Managing your vendors requires much more than performing a background check if you want to effectively reduce risk. The vetting process can become complex and even small errors could result in unsatisfactory performance, increased costs and fraud.

RealPage Vendor Credentialing is a full-service solution that can be customized to your unique business requirements to help you get the vendors you want and the compliance you need. Credentialed vendors have a special icon on their profile indicating this earned status.

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Vendor Credentialing

“RealPage Vendor Credentialing (Compliance Depot) is a great product. What sets this company apart is its customer service and willingness to accommodate its customers’ changing business needs. My company had to split the vendors in our accounting system into two separate databases. But we still needed to monitor all of these vendors in one database. RealPage made the program changes to help us accomplish this very smoothly—going well beyond what we expected.”

Christopher Bitner
Staff Accountant, WSH Management

“RealPage Vendor Credentialing (Compliance Depot) puts our minds at ease when it comes to the risks associated with vendor usage. The automated enrollment process is easy for vendors to complete, and the website is very user-friendly. The Risk Advisory team utilizes their extensive knowledge and expertise to help streamline the process even more when you have special situations come up with vendors.”

Stephanie Smits
Benefits and Risk Manager, Highmark Residential

Reduce Your Vendor Liabilities

Industry reports reveal that more than 45% of vendors have experienced a lapse in general liability coverage in the past two years. Managing W-9 documents, insurance certificates and other documentation can be costly and time-consuming. RealPage Vendor Credentialing minimizes the costs associated with vendor liability and helps ensure vendors comply with your standards.

Accelerate Compliance with Credential Key

This premium feature is the best way to spotlight your features and services—and potentially win more bids and clients. As a paid upgrade with RealPage Vendor Credentialing, you’ll earn an additional badge for your profile and be able to:

  • Be eligible for same-day approval with participating clients
  • Know immediately if you meet a prospect’s certification requirements
  • Rank higher in search results
  • Reduce the amount of annual insurance paperwork
Getting Down to the Basics of Vendor Credentialing
Learn how to identify and avoid common credentialing mistakes to prevent financial loss and fraud.