RealPage® Utility Management Suite

The Utility Management Suite provides the most comprehensive and flexible set of online billing and invoicing tools and services in multifamily. Powered by the largest utility expense database in the industry and supported by our expert utility advisors, RealPage maximizes recovery, reduces late fees, and improves the performance of your properties to increase your portfolio value.

Case Study Highlights: Goldrich Kest

Case Study Statistic

Improvements in billing collections

Case Study Statistic

Decrease in corporate check volume

Case Study Statistic

Increase in NOI

“Our RealPage Utility Advisor partnered with us to execute on necessary utility billing changes. They ended up improving our billing collections by 14% annually and the solution is projected to have a multi-million-dollar, long-term impact.”

Matt Tucker
Regional Property Director, Goldrich Kest

Case Study Highlights: Panco

Case Study Statistic

Annual increase in NOI

Case Study Statistic

Savings on monthly billing costs

Case Study Statistic

Improvement in eBilling usage

“I have been very happy with our RealPage advisor’s utility management oversight and guidance. She has shown us distinct areas of improvement and I am confident that it will result in higher revenues going forward.”

Kathy Masterson
Senior Vice President of Operations, Panco Management

“The RealPage team has been instrumental in implementing what was a very broad project, yielding excellent improvements so far. It’s an ongoing project of continuous improvement that is core to the Panco mission.”

Ben Stevens
Software Applications Manager, Panco Management

“Although this process was long and detailed, it has been totally worth it in the end, adding many operational efficiencies as well as an exceptional lift in NOI.”

Kathy Masterson
Senior Vice President of Operations, Panco Management

The Four Powerful Parts of One Integrated Solution

Resident Billing

Recover more utility costs with a flexible, accurate solution that offers multiple collection options.

  • Billing methods include convergent billing, individualized bills and flat rates
  • Advisors help optimize billing methods for each property
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Utility Expense Management

Improve the end-to-end speed and accuracy of your billing and invoicing operations and reduce costs.

  • Automated online payment processing accelerates invoicing operations
  • Detailed data capture and validation assures reporting accuracy
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Take control of utility expenses at a granular level to accurately assess individual tenant consumption.

  • Submetering improves energy cost savings and encourages energy conservation
  • Meter Assurance Plan (MAP) ensures maximum uptime and quick replacement of hardware
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Utility Regulatory Review

Ensure compliance and reduce risk exposure with the support of dedicated legal and account teams.

  • Teams specialize in utility regulations and procedures
  • Advisors conduct detailed lease and resident agreement reviews on every property

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Panco® Saved $78,000 in One Year

Panco’s software applications manager shares how benchmarking utility management performance and working with a RealPage Utility Management solutions advisor gave greater insight into online ordering and purchasing efficiency, resulting in substantial annual savings.

Find Out How the RealPage Utility Management Suite Can Advance Your Position