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The Cloud-based Solution That Scales With Your Business Growth

Designed to scale as you grow, RealPage® Property Management Essentials for Affordable is an integrated solution that streamlines compliance, simplifies back-end processes and empowers team productivity for small and midsized Affordable Housing properties. Technology like this isn’t just for the “big guys” anymore. Now, you can put RealPage Affordable property management software to work for your Affordable portfolio’s efficiency and growth.

RealPage Essentials

Built-in Compliance
  • Waitlist Management
  • Initial/Ongoing Certification
  • Unlimited Subsidy Layers
  • Automated Submission & Reporting
Resident Management
  • Resident Engagement
  • Electronic Payments
  • Online Maintenance Requests
Property Operations
  • Property management for HUD, LIHTC and RD
  • Document Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Streamlined, Automated Workflows
  • Fee Assessments, Charge Reversals and Audit Trail Features
Built-in Compliance

Customize your compliance approval workflow

RealPage’s OneSite® Affordable is a premier, on-demand Affordable Housing management system that helps you manage revenue opportunities more effectively while assisting you with compliance for government regulations. Customizable compliance approval workflow with built-in document management enables you to do business your way instead of changing your processes to accommodate your software.

Our comprehensive property management solution incorporates easy-to-use tools to handle resident subsidy and rent collection, streamline certification processing and automate compliance reporting. Plus, it also provides simultaneous compliance support for HUD, Tax Credit, Rural and Public Housing, including unlimited set-asides and income limits, helping you stay in compliance, even in the most complicated situations.

OneSite Affordable eliminates duplicate data entry and the need for multiple applications by seamlessly integrating the accounts receivable functionality with compliance processes. The multiple-ledger capability allows for separate tracking of subsidies and resident accounts receivable.

Resident Management

ActiveBuilding® saves time and lowers costs

Once leasing is complete, applicants can begin transitioning to residency even before move-in day with ActiveBuilding – the resident portal that provides mobile access to every aspect of apartment life. ActiveBuilding’s convenient, in-app payment options help reduce the risk and cost of checks – and encourages adoption so the rent gets paid that much sooner.

Self-service maintenance requests allow efficient tracking & dispatching of staff and streamline resident management—all while relieving staff to focus on higher-value tasks. It’s also easy to keep residents and staff connected and informed in real time, all via the channel they prefer.

Implementation and Training

RealPage Essentials gives you a tailored, holistic plan and a team of experts who can provide the knowledge and experience you need for a successful onboarding experience and the best possible return on your investment.
Property Operations and Management

Improve productivity.
Reduce vacant days.

Getting started on the path to maximizing NOI is as easy as equipping your teams with the essential property management tools your business needs to be even more productive and to streamline processes—now and in the future. Gain efficiencies across property management, waitlist and resident management, including certification/recertification, get ahead of compliance issues before they become issues, minimize vacancy, reduce expenses and optimize performance. Facilities and Mobile Facilities automatically sync with OneSite Affordable and provides managers with visibility into maintenance activity, fosters better communication, supports collaboration, improves productivity and reduces vacant days.

Eliminate the time and money you’re spending to print, copy, ship and store documents, including lease agreements. OneSite Document Management enables you to store all move-in and certification documents in a secure, easily accessible location. And you can access and keep a complete audit trail of all applicant activities from the initial application to move-in.

With technology on your side, your team can focus on work that matters most, like customer service.

RealPage Accounting

Drill-down visibility into spend against revenue

The financial dashboard is customized for your business and provides visibility into key performance metrics, with drill-down visibility to reveal opportunities for reducing costs and increasing revenue. RealPage Accounting delivers streamlined, automated workflows, and ultimately, dramatic savings in time and labor. Easy touch features include fee assessments, charge reversals and audit trails. Gain full visibility into the details of your data at the site level from just one solution and centralize processing across all sites for powerful efficiency.

All the Essentials in One Simple Plan

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  • Waitlist, Certification & Resident Management for HUD, LIHTC, & RD
  • Standardized & Secure Documents Accessible From Anywhere
  • Integrated Rent Payment Services
  • Robust Accounting, Reporting & Processing
  • Manage Facilities on the go