Resident Screening

Maximize revenue without adding risk. Our advanced resident screening solutions put the knowledge and pricing power into your hands.

Resident Screening

It’s official—study reveals bottom line benefit to AI Screening users of $39 per unit per year. Read the white paper.

Lease with Total Confidence

Know who’s who, and how to calculate risk. RealPage® Screening solutions give you the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to lease with confidence, without added liability. We offer access to the industry’s largest rental payment history database, in-depth criminal background information, and extensive rental credit checks – including credit reporting from Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Tap into the power of our empirical scoring engine, which gives you a simple, yet thorough report based on all factors—all within seconds. If you want to drive profitability and reduce risk, we’ve got you covered.

Resident Screening Redefined:

AI Screening

The Industry’s First—and Only—AI-enabled Scoring Model.

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Identity Verification

Reduce Fraud on Lease Applications

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Discover the Will Not Just the Ability

It’s resident screening, reimagined. RealPage® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening is more than just a credit score and the ability to pay—it’s about the willingness to pay. Reduce bad debt and financial loss by an average estimated savings of $39 per unit per year with the industry’s first—and only—AI-enabled scoring model.

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Only RealPage AI Screening

  • Provides this revolutionary, AI-based predictive scoring model built specifically for the multifamily industry
  • Integrates seamlessly with your rental application and leasing process, no matter what property management system you’re using
  • Leverages the RealPage rental history database of over 30M lease outcome records
  • Offers Risk Advisory Services to help you optimize your risk thresholds and provide regular performance reporting and benchmarking

An Easy Addition to Your Team

Minimize operational impact

Just activate and go. Leverage a proven, best-in-class screening model designed to work with your preferred leasing and property management system with minimal need for change management

Boost your competitive advantage

While your competitors are still relying on rules-based scoring models—by far the least sophisticated method of predicting a resident’s future rent-pay performance—you’ll have the advantage of RealPage AI Screening before all the others.

Trust our data

Our powerful combination of AI technology with behavioral and payment data from more than 30 million rental records generates more reliable results—and more consistent performance—than traditional screening tools can provide

Leverage Risk Advisory Services

Time with our consultants is included with RealPage AI Screening to provide ongoing support and prove that AI Screening is saving your property and portfolio from the decisions that drive bad debt

Decrease skips and evictions

RealPage AI Screening is proven to save our clients millions of dollars in NOI and billions in asset valuation

Ensure Fair Housing Compliance

RealPage AI Screening utilizes a multitude of data points to better predict rental performance based on past behavior NOT demographic data

The Data You Need the Way You Need It
Custom AI Screening reports allow you to tailor data to better fit your needs, access an even deeper level of granularity and improve NOI.

Decrease False Applications Before They Start

RealPage Screening Identity Verification combines verification (including employment verification), validation and risk detection processes to instantly verify consumer identities at the beginning of the application process. It helps spot potential fraud or identity theft and automatically flag discrepancies found in an applicant’s data and is available for both online and in-office applications.

Pegasus Reviews 16 Years Using Resident Screening

The Preferred Resident Screening Platform

Screening isn’t just a commodity, it’s a great way to increase and maintain occupancy without sacrificing revenue.

The Only Rental History Database of Its Kind

RealPage Resident Screening offers the industry’s only database of actual rental payment history records to help you choose the residents who will be most reliable, and profitable to you and your business. We unlock the door to more than 30 million resident records from more than 20,000 reporting communities. This includes positive and negative data such as on-time payments, proper notice, late fees, easy-to-read eviction reports and collections. Everything you’d want to know before handing over the keys.

Get a Better Financial Snapshot

Our Credit Optimizer tool helps you fill vacant units faster with 24/7 proactive monitoring of your vacancy at the bedroom level. This unique functionality also guides you in managing exceptions, limiting Fair Housing exposure and capturing the right amount of extra rent to offset the risk.

We want to make sure that we have a reliable resident. The resident who pays on time. And that insight into their history is just crucial to making sure that we are making the right business decisions.

Kortney Balas
Vice President of Process and Technology, JVM Realty

Profiling that Helps You Find Better Tenants

From background checks, credit checks and criminal records to criminal searches and profiles, our advanced resident screening solution performs detailed searches with access to the industry’s largest online criminal and sex offender database—almost twice as much data as leading competitors.

Criminal Classification

Our criminal classification is a premium feature that automatically classifies offenses into 34 categories based on their nature/type and severity. You can then specify, through your scoring model settings, how to treat each offense, based on not only the nature/type and severity of the offense but also the degree and/or age of the offense.

Proof of bottom-line savings for operators and investors.

Study reveals that improvement in accuracy of assessing applicant risk results in a value to AI Screening user of $39 per unit per year.

Leading PMCs have realized up to a 59% reduction in skips and eviction

Reduce bad debt by an average of $39 per unit per year

Leverage data calibrated across 30M+ real lease outcomes

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