Resident Screening

Maximize revenue without adding risk. Our advanced resident screening solutions provide the insights, flexibility and confidence to keep your bottom line healthy.

Resident Screening

Lease with Confidence

RealPage ® Screening solutions give you the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to lease with confidence while limiting risk. We use the industry’s largest rental payment history database, in-depth criminal background information and extensive credit checks – including credit reporting from Experian, Equifax and Transunion – to help ensure you keep your property and residents secure.

Screening Solutions That Improve Your Bottom-Line

Leading PMCs have realized up to a 59% reduction in skips and evictions

Reduce bad debt by an average of $39 per unit per year

Leverage data calibrated across 30M+ real lease outcomes

AI Screening

Resident screening, reimagined.

AI Screening

RealPage ® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening is more than just a credit score on the ability to pay—it’s about the willingness to pay. This innovative solution leverages the power of AI and machine learning to precisely analyze your applicant pool, which delivers a stronger predictor of future performance and renter behaviors. It is proven to reduce bad debt and financial loss by an average estimated savings of $39 per unit per year with the industry’s first—and only—AI-enabled scoring model, which also offers:

  • Revolutionary, AI-based predictive scoring model built to meet the needs of the multifamily industry.
  • Seamless integration with your rental application and leasing process, no matter what property management system you’re using.
  • Leveraging of the RealPage rental history database of over 30M lease outcome records.
  • Offers Risk Advisory Services to help you optimize your risk thresholds and provide regular performance reporting and benchmarking.
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Proof of bottom-line savings for operators and investors.

Study reveals that improvement in accuracy of assessing applicant risk results in a value to AI Screening user of $39 per unit per year.

Criminal History

Designed to help ensure you find the right tenants faster.

  • Access to a comprehensive online national database that automatically searches its entire criminal and sex offender registry.
  • Out-of-network criminal search options are available for more than 50% of states with limited or no instant online data.
  • Premium Criminal Classification automatically groups offenses into categories based on their nature/type and severity.
  • Specify through your scoring model settings how to treat each offense based on nature/type, severity, degree and/or age of the offense.

Rental History

The industry’s largest database (30M+) of actual rental payment records.

  • Data from more than 20,000 reporting communities
  • Includes positive and negative data such as on-time payments, proper notice and late fees
  • Easy-to-read eviction reports and collection actions
Screening Strategies for an Evolving World

For multifamily property owners and operators in 2020 and beyond, reducing bad debt and driving higher occupancy and revenue will depend on a technologically advanced, data-driven and easy-to-use resident screening solution.

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Stay Informed

1 Not available for Illinois IDs
2 Rent Reporting Will Motivate Seven in 10 Renters to Make More On-time Payments ( (TransUnion (2019).
3 This is subject to change without prior notice, but your monthly rental payments will be reported to at least one of the three major bureaus during your subscription to RealPage Rent Reporting. 
4 Please note, RealPage is not a credit bureau and does not have direct influence over any aspect of credit bureau consumer profiles or credit scores calculated by the bureaus. Each bureau to which we report your rental payment information will determine, in its sole discretion, whether and how to use that information.