Learning Management System

RealConnect motivates your employees to learn and gives you the tools to support them — in an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement platform

Learning Management System

RealConnect: Next-Generation Learning Management Platform

With RealConnect, RealPage®has completely reimagined how employees learn. Using just-in-time learning, you can deliver the information your teams need, when they need it. With a mobile-first approach, your teams can even pull up a quick video on how to perform a task while they’re completing it.

RealConnect removes barriers to learning, enhances the learning experience and establishes learning as a culture to activate your employee’s potential. Guide your employee’s learning journey by creating learning pathways based on their position, market type and location. With custom reports and easy-to-understand dashboards, you’ll bring clarity, visibility and consistency to your entire learning program.

The business benefits are equally energizing. With RealConnect, you’ll cut costs, boost efficiency and drive business results. The 360-degree content coverage reduces the necessity for in-person training, and the microlearning modules — short, targeted sessions that fulfill specific needs — promptly return your employees to their tasks to boost productivity and effectiveness. While they learn, you can easily track their progress to ensure they’re heading in the right direction. It’s a comprehensive training package that will excite your entire company.

Ready to launch your own learning management system?

Activate your staff’s potential

Training employees is a tough business. There are so many hurdles to overcome. By adopting RealConnect, you eliminate barriers to learning, elevate organizational performance and instill a culture of continuous learning. Activate your staff’s potential, harness increased knowledge throughout your organization and pave the way for sustained success.

Activate Your Staff’s Potential With RealConnect

360° content coverage

Host, create and deliver interactive multifamily-specific soft skills training, RealPage product training and any of your custom-created training.

Mobile first

Today’s workforce is tied to their mobile devices more than ever. Our system meets them where they are to provide information quickly.

Social learning

Social learning allows us to leverage each other’s collective knowledge. Users can “rate” and “share” relevant content.

Customizable language experience

Whether English or Spanish, provide your learners with a fully translated interface. This helps ensure that every staff member learns in the language they are most comfortable in for better results.

Intuitive dashboards for all

Easy-to-use dashboards highlight courses requiring action, in progress and failed courses with no complicated charts or graphs to decipher.

Tracking and upskilling

With powerful analytics, we can be proactive in our learning approach and upskill where needed. In addition, we can create and monitor certification programs.

Learning pathways

Specific learning pathways provide employees with a path to certification, professional development and even career growth, helping you stay updated on employees who are ready for the next step.

Cohort learning

By offering self-paced and live classes, we create a “blended learning” experience that appeals to today’s learners.