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TFJG Speeds Up Onboarding & Simplifies Compliance Processes

RealPage OneSite Affordable property management system helps navigate staff onboarding & compliance requirements

The Franklin Johnston Group® (TFJG) looked for ways to optimize efficiencies within the complex Affordable housing marketplace. As a developer and manager of more than 200 multifamily properties, including Affordable housing, it needed speedier team onboarding processes as well as simpler compliance management. TFJG turned to RealPage® OneSite® Affordable for the solution.

In this case study, learn how four features of OneSite Affordable solved Affordable housing challenges for TFJG:

  1. User-friendly interfaces for easy staff training.
  2. Built-in compliance tools that streamline screening and reporting.
  3. Dedicated deployment team for smooth implementation.
  4. Access to accurate, trustworthy reporting.
tfjg speeds up onboarding & simplifies compliance processes

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