Prequalification Solutions

Detect and Prevent Application Fraud Earlier

Stay one step ahead by proactively preventing fraud within your leasing application processes. With advanced fraud detection and comprehensive verification technology, RealPage® Prequalification Solutions help protect your community from potential scams before move-in and ensure a frictionless leasing process for prospective residents.

Less Fraud, Less Risk, Less Expense

Safeguard your operations, optimize your leasing process and fight back against fraudulent rental applications.

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More Transparent Approval Insights

Arm onsite teams with instant access to transparent insights into approval decisions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation that leads to fewer fraudulent renters in your communities.
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AI Fraud Detection Measures

Leverage advanced machine learning models and artificial intelligence to identify and prohibit fraud based on risk signals and contextual analysis from multiple data sources.
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Mitigate Financial Impact

Shield your bottom line from the repercussions of bad debt caused by fraudulent renters defaulting on their rent.
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Hassle-Free Verification Process

Enhance prospect qualification assurance with sophisticated tech that seamlessly integrates into your existing property management software (PMS).

Enhance Security and Efficiency in a Single, Seamless Experience

Whether you're navigating the challenges of applicant identity verification or ensuring the accuracy of income details, RealPage® Prequalification Solutions will scrutinize and analyze applicant data to detect potential red flags and deepen upfront prospect screening.

Income Verification

Simplify Income Verification

Powered by Plaid’s world-class financial tech, Prequalification Solution's income verification process gives rental applicants three easy and secure ways to verify their income.

  • Bank verification
  • Payroll verification
  • Income document verification
Simplify Income Verification
Bank Verification

Bank Verification

Leverage open banking APIs to enable prospects to log into their financial accounts.
Payroll Verification

Payroll Verification

Allow prospects to log into their payroll providers for digital paystub access.
Income Document Verification

Income Document Verification

Authenticate applicant-uploaded income documents with AI and machine learning.
In a RealPage survey of property management companies, 100% said rental fraud is difficult to identify, and 99% said it impacted their company.
Modernize Identity Verification
Identity Verification

Modernize the Identity Verification Process

RealPage Prequalification Solutions harness AI and machine learning to prevent the use of stolen and fake identities while keeping the process smooth for both applicants and leasing teams.

  • Data-based verification
  • Device & network verification
  • Document verification
  • Biometric verification
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Data-Based Verification

Verify an applicant’s identity and check for fraud affiliations by running their personally identifiable information (PII) against authoritative data sources.
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Device & Network Verification

Confirm an applicant’s physical ownership of their phone number and device and check their IP address and device fingerprint for fraud affiliation.
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Document Verification

Verify 16,000+ ID documents from 200 countries and territories.
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Biometric Verification

Match prospects’ facial biometric markers to their photo ID with a quick selfie.
Uncovering the Impact of Rental Application Fraud in Multifamily

RealPage’s 2024 National Multifamily Fraud Research Study results may change how property managers think about tenant screening. Our white paper delivers data-driven clarity about the causes of rental fraud and fraud prevention solutions.