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Multifamily Resident Technology Services Open New Revenue Streams

When it comes to multifamily incremental revenue, RealPage Resident Technology Services help you rack up the nickels and dimes.

Ancillary revenue can be a significant portion of total multifamily, student and assisted living billings and profit, but selecting the wrong vendor or service could cost you more money in lost occupancy. Careful planning is needed during vendor negotiations to avoid costly mistakes, such as:

  • Leaving money on the table – our vendor negotiation and compliance practice will get you the biggest revenue share possible
  • Having outdated or inadequate infrastructure to deliver high-tech resident-facing services

Do it once; do it right! We have worked with multifamily owners, managers, developers and general contractors to help them:

  • Exploit new, technology-based revenue opportunities while minimizing their costs
  • Install the best technical infrastructure for apartment communities
  • Ensure the best quality technology service delivery to residents
  • Plan and launch custom resident technology services to boost revenue

Why RealPage Resident Technology Services?

  • Unbiased recommendations that are independent of your property management software platform
  • Strong vendor relationships
  • Expertise in luxury multifamily, student, military and affordable housing
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Featured Property Management Clients

RealPage Resident Technology Services has helped these valued clients design, plan and/or implement resident-facing services.

360 Support Program for All Resident Services and Technologies

The 60-month, 360 Support program allows us to provide unparalleled continuous support for a community. Throughout the term of the program, Resident Technology Services supports all resident services and technologies for a particular apartment community.

We track contract milestones and relative service levels, survey management and generate annual updates and recommendations for the owner. We will manage modifications to existing or new contracts and services. In addition to overseeing video and high-speed Internet access services, we will immediately respond to any service challenges or requests from the onsite management team.

Our 360 Support and Service program enables us to continuously ensure the best possible, most cost-effective bulk resident technology services for your community.

Apartment Community Assessment Services Help Existing Properties Keep Up With Technology…and Profits

A community’s voice, video and high-speed Internet access services, along with on-site wiring and contracts, can dramatically impact its net operating income (NOI).

Assessment Service Deliverable:

We can complete a comprehensive community assessment that evaluates your current residential technology services, contracts and systems, as well as the details and budgets for any planned improvements. Our unparalleled experience with retrofitting existing communities allow us to provide detailed plans and budgets for community improvements.

Demand the Best for New Property Developments

Resident Technology Services has unrivaled experience assisting with thousands of multifamily developments and rehabilitations throughout North America. We will assist with the budgeting, designing, bidding, contracting, inspecting, deploying, and marketing related to:

  • Voice, video and high-speed Internet access
  • Access control and closed-circuit television
  • Audio video
  • Other technology and lifestyle amenities

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

Did you know that New York City’s free public WiFi hotspots offer faster Internet than Starbucks? ( 2016) Where WiFi was once an ancillary revenue source for coffee shops, now consumers expect wireless Internet access for free while they drink coffee.

Does your new property development include next-generation technology delivery infrastructure, or will it be outdated by the time your first resident moves in?

Why RealPage Resident Technology Services for Property Developers?

We like to get involved during schematic design to control costs while ensuring the ideal technology infrastructure – freeing your staff to concentrate on what they do best. RealPage handles the entire process, from assisting the developer, general contractor, and subcontractor to “going to bat” for your future revenue streams based on technology.

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Multifamily Property Acquisition Due Diligence Services – Know BEFORE You Invest!

When acquiring a new apartment property, you want to ensure the high-quality of voice, video and high-speed Internet access residential technology services to minimize risk.

It’s important to evaluate access control and security monitoring, audio/video, and other technology and lifestyle amenity systems.

How RealPage Resident Technology Services Can Help

We can help by completing a comprehensive community assessment, evaluating current services, contracts and systems, as well as the details and budget for improvements.

Why is Assessing a Property’s Technology Important?

Bulk services such as phone and Internet can be ancillary money makers, but only if they are fast and reliable. If there are technological constraints to generating incremental revenue, then it can dramatically affect a community’s value and your investment decision.

We can create value by negotiating the most favorable business offers and generating incremental revenue while providing the best possible services to residents.

Ancillary Revenue Streams with RealPage Multifamily Resident Technology Services

Schedule your free, no-obligation discovery call so you can:

  • Create a competitive advantage for your apartment community by offering the latest technology services
  • Realize the ancillary revenue that only a cutting-edge technology infrastructure can offer both now and in the future
  • Upgrade the infrastructure of existing apartment communities, high-rises, or other multifamily or student housing properties
  • Have the leaders in multifamily property management software and services in your corner
Never go alone! Let RealPage Resident Technology Services assess your readiness and help you plan and deliver ancillary revenue-generating, high-tech services to your residents. Schedule your free, no-obligation discovery call.

Meet the RealPage Resident Technology Services Team

The Resident Technology Services team assists owners, managers, developers and general contractors to negotiate and design the best possible resident-facing services and technologies. With team managers averaging over 22 years of experience, the team has collectively assisted thousands of property developments and communities in 42 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Henry Pye, Vice President

Henry Pye serves as the vice president of resident technology services for RealPage where he is responsible for managing the team’s efforts for all communities and developments. Prior to joining RealPage, Henry created and led the JPI resident solutions team, where he provided expertise and advice internally to JPI and to third-party owners and builders.

In 2002, 2006, 2010, & 2014 Broadband Properties Magazine included Henry in its quadrennial listing of the “Most Influential People in Real Estate & Technology. Henry received his Bachelor of Arts in political science from Duke University and his M.B.A. and Juris Doctor degrees from Southern Methodist University.

Steve Sadler, Director, Resident Technology Services

Steve is responsible for managing all of the resident technology services’ efforts for developments, including negotiations and design.

Steve brings 30+ years of telecommunications design and specification experience. Most recently, Steve was vice president of strategic business services (SBS) with Post Properties located in Atlanta, Ga., where he served the company for more than 14 years. The SBS team was responsible for ancillary services, utility billing and management, procurement, and Post’s trademark PostSmart structured wiring system design and support for Post’s portfolio. Prior to Post, Steve spent 16 years designing, specifying and estimating a wide variety of communications infrastructure networks, such as Broadband Local Area Networks, IBM Cabling Systems and commercial twisted pair cabling systems. Customers included Fortune 100 companies, Department of Defense, multi-site retail, and large manufacturing concerns.

Steve has served as co-chairman of the MDU Education Series at the annual Broadband Communities Magazine Summit for the past four years. He also serves on the Telecommunications Advisory Committee for the National Multihousing Council.

Mike Kolb, Senior Manager Design and Deployment

Mike Kolb is responsible for all onsite activities for developments and existing communities. This includes all onsite inspections, budgeting, proposals and submittal review and construction coordination.

Mike is a veteran contractor with more than 25 years of diverse experience with low voltage wiring and systems. Prior to joining RealPage, Mike served as president and co-founder of Cautela Solutions, working with single family and multifamily developers, owners, providers and general contractors on low-voltage structured writing and wireless solutions. Before that, he was an overbuild specialist at Connexion Technologies where he was responsible for projects in the central United States. Mike also held sales and management positions at Automated Network Solutions, MDU Systems, Suntech Systems and Wild Goose Cable. He is a well-known speaker and industry leader.

John LaBelle, Senior Manager Student Living

John Labelle is responsible for managing all voice, video and high-speed Internet access negotiations and other vendor relationships for student living developments and communities.

John brings to RealPage 15 years of IT expertise, as well as 10 years of industry experience as the director of residential technology for Peak Campus Management and Place Properties. He worked very closely with all of the top national providers of bulk Internet and video services and provided his technical expertise to many owners and developers of student communities. John performed technical due diligence visits for numerous owners and is intimately familiar with the detailed “do’s and don’ts” of how to properly provide and manage bulk services to today’s college student.

Lynde Dion, Project and Team Manager

Lynde Dion is responsible for internal project management and operations for all resident technology products and services. Acting as a liaison between the client and the team, Lynde provides the client with their specific requests, including (but not limited to) engagement pricing, professional service agreements and billing as project milestones are met and completed.

Lynde has been with RealPage since 2007, and has worked very closely with many property management companies, owners and developers in a project management capacity since joining the company. Lynde brings a wealth of experience to the group from an operational management and account management background.

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