Revenue Management

What is precision worth to you? Only RealPage has the deep data science, the expertise of combined YieldStar and LRO teams, and the data to drive precision results.

Revenue Management

Outperform the market by 2%-7%

15+ Years of proven results in all market conditions

Leverage lease transaction data on over 12M units

Drive Revenue with Powerful Solutions

Only RealPage offers precision revenue management through proven, cycle-tested, disciplined analytics that balance supply and demand to maximize revenue growth. RealPage Revenue Management is backed by the industry’s deepest bench of experienced data scientists to drive outperformance by 2-7%. Our capabilities include:

  • Daily optimization of revenue
  • Ideal expiration management
  • Flexible pricing matrix
  • Comprehensive renewal management
  • Detailed analytics

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Pricing Advisory Services

RealPage’s Revenue Management Advisory Services make it possible for owners and managers to benefit from the science without incurring additional staff and in-house support costs. Now you can have a team of industry experts available for critical decision support. Our pricing advisors have over ten years of multifamily asset management or regional operations experience, and access to five times the resources of our competitors, enabling you to:

  • Review pricing daily or weekly in collaboration with on-site and regional operations management
  • Monitor rents, occupancy and revenue trends weekly
  • Adjust configurations and pricing as market conditions and business strategies change to ensure you achieve your asset objectives
  • Work in partnership, no matter the market—conventional, student or affordable—nor where you are in the life-cycle spectrum, including lease-up, long-term hold, disposition or renovation

Whatever your needs, our mission is to ensure that you get the most out of our industry-leading solutions.

What They’re Saying

“LRO is an exceptional revenue-driving tool, and since Harbor Group started using it five years ago, we’ve significantly increased the value of our properties, which is exactly what we want for our investors.”

Kevin Huss
Kevin Huss
Director of Revenue Management, Harbor Group

“Before YieldStar, we’d put the rental rates into the system and cross our fingers that the magical budgeteers got it right and occupancy ended up where management wanted it. YieldStar has stabilized our occupancy at the levels we set by constantly adjusting prices up and down based on both internal and market factors.”

Ken Catmull
Ken Catmull
Berkshire Communities

“We really look at RealPage® as a strategic partner particularly with YieldStar® Revenue Management for YieldStar has helped keep our focus rather than occupancy. Our student properties not using YieldStar grew their effective rents by about 1.4%. However, the properties that were using YieldStar on a portfolio basis last year grew their overall effective rents by 5.4%.”

Jennifer Cassidy
Jennifer Cassidy
Senior Vice President of Asset Management, Campus Advantage

“Our confidence in and respect for how LRO works has yielded tremendous success for our teams and for our overall revenue growth. We strongly believe Rainmaker LRO takes the emotional aspect out of pricing and also allows us to create a sense of urgency with not only our current residents on renewals but also on new leases.”

Laura VanLoh
Laura VanLoh
Senior Vice President, Post Properties

“There’s no doubt about it: LRO has had a tremendous impact on our pricing. It’s so easy to learn, so user-friendly, and it really takes the emotion out of pricing. It allows you to make pricing decisions based on comprehensive analytics and data.”

Lynn Owen
Lynn Owen
Chief Operations Officer, TruAmerica Multifamily

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