RealPage AI Revenue Management

Next-generation apartment pricing software that can drive up to 400% year-one ROI.

Revenue Management

Leveraging the Best of YieldStar® and LRO®

RealPage’s new AI Revenue Management helps you continuously maximize asset value by leveraging the best of YieldStar and LRO’s precision pricing capabilities. It’s the industry’s only price optimization solution powered by next-generation data that makes it possible to consistently reduce vacancies and maximize rents. Building on deep experience with millions of units and decades of successful results with clients outperforming in every market, AI Revenue Management accelerates the accuracy of its supply and demand algorithms and optimizes amenity pricing to drive revenue yields even further.

3 Ways to Leverage AI for Maximum NOI

Not all AI is smart. Despite its use to source and underwrite potential real estate deals, evaluate value-add renovation strategies, automate engagement for leasing agents and manage work orders and documentation for property managers, many AI-based solutions are leaving stakeholders hundreds of basis points short of yield forecasts. Understand why some AI tools underperform.

Pricing Advisory Services for Strategic Oversight of Your Asset Strategy

The stellar team behind AI Revenue Management includes unrivalled economists, data scientists, industry analysts and performance advisors trusted across millions of units by leading owners, third-party operators and institutions. RealPage Pricing Advisory Services provides expert oversight of your pricing strategy to maximize alignment with your investment strategy—including rent control and affordable assets. Through ongoing analytics and communication with Operations and Asset Management, we ensure your communities receive the best blend of science and operations expertise to drive yields.

Our advisors have an average of 10+ years of multifamily asset management or regional operations experience and 5X the resources of our competitors to help clients:

  • Review pricing daily or weekly in collaboration with on-site and regional operations management
  • Monitor and report on weekly rents, occupancy and revenue trends
  • Adjust configurations and pricing to align with your asset objectives as market conditions and business strategies change
  • Work across any market and any part of the lifecycle spectrum, including lease-up, long-term hold, disposition and renovation
  • Maximize revenue from rent-limited and affordable properties
Doing What No Other Apartment Revenue Management Solution Can
Driving Revenue Performance from Pricing, Marketing, Screening and Leasing
Dynamic Pricing Optimization That Improves Performance for Rent Control Assets

AI Revenue Management Yields Up to 400 BPS Across Top Demand Drivers

Always evolving to help our clients outperform year over year, RealPage AI Revenue Management uses price as a foundation to expand optimization insights across the top demand drivers—Pricing, Marketing, Screening and Leasing—uncovering incremental revenue yield up to 400 basis points (bps) for owners and operators year over year.

Pricing Optimization That Outperforms the Market 2%-7%

Improved pricing algorithms factor real-time lease transaction data spanning 13M+ units that includes true performance indicators like lease trade-out, average vacant days between leases and retention rates for more precise outcomes.

Marketing Optimization Reduces Cost Per Lead by 2.5X

GoDirect Marketing with Flex Demand Optimizer is multifamily’s only data-driven, demand-based marketing solution that maximizes marketing performance and increases revenue based on your property’s specific asset goals.

Screening Optimization Reduces Move-Out Loss by $39 per unit annually

RealPage AI Screening integrates with any third-party property management system to reduce risk, decrease bad debt, improve operational efficiency and drive NOI growth.

Leasing Optimization Increases Revenue 1%-2%

RealPage Intelligent Lead Manager (ILM) automates leasing activities, improves agent effectiveness and provides visibility into ad-source performance that improves lead-to-lease ratios by 7% without increasing marketing spend.

Built on a Trusted Foundation in Apartment Revenue Management

Tested for 15+ years in all market cycles

Trusted by over 4 million units

95% client retention rate since inception

“Our clients deserve the most innovative capabilities that can help extend their run and unlock revenue in and out of market volatility. We developed AI Revenue Management to serve for such a time as this. The capability to identify more opportunities from a property’s biggest revenue generators is what we call ‘multi-dimensional optimization of revenue’—and it’s the most significant breakthrough in revenue management software since the introduction of YieldStar and LRO to the multifamily industry.”

Keith Dunkin
SVP Asset Optimization, RealPage
Find out how you can start driving incremental yield.

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