Unlock Your Potential with Performance Analytics Benchmarking Pro: Elevate your multifamily assets through enhanced analytics and benchmarking tools

Stay Ahead of the Apartment Market with Clearer Visibility into Portfolio Performance

Built on the RealPage ecosystem of over 13.5 million units of lease-transaction data, the Performance Analytics Benchmarking Pro platform provides clear and accurate visibility into the performance of your multifamily portfolio, enabling you to definitively answer the questions that surround external market performance. Get the clarity necessary to make strategic decisions to help you dominate the apartment market.

Asset Management Performance Metrics that Matter Most to Your Bottom Line

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Providing the Right Multifamily Data at the Right Time

Our powerful capabilities that include:

  • Greater customization of reports, dashboards, and widgets based on the metrics that matter most to you
  • Benchmarking dozens of revenue, expense, and operational metrics in real time
  • Integration with most major property management systems
  • Weekly data and benchmark updates
  • Benchmarking performance internally and externally
  • Customizing comparison groups and benchmarks
  • Downloadable lease level details

Accelerate more NOI with the Latest Innovations in Analytics and Benchmarking

Performance Analytics Benchmarking Pro is the next evolution in benchmarking analytics for multifamily. Gain deeper insights through customizable widgets where metrics can be layered. Get clearer visualizations through a new UI/UX. Elevate performance tracking from weekly benchmarks. Identify how to replicate good performance and gain better visibility into missed opportunities with new quintile benchmarking capabilities.

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RealPage Performance Analytics Benchmarking Expands Multifamily Asset Performance Insights

RealPage Performance Analytics Benchmarking expands asset performance insights at BH Management by delivering market and submarket-level data for 85,000 units nationwide—increasing confidence and driving better decisions throughout the organization for their property owners and their businesses.

What the Multifamily Industry is Saying about Performance Analytics Benchmarking

"Leveraging PA has been critical for Camden to outperform the market and we are excited about the benchmarking enhancements coming online soon! The ability to customize our operational dashboard, edit widgets, and display multiple trendlines and variances will allow our team to stay well-informed throughout the season market shifts. This additional visibility will allow us to monitor and capture the real-time rent growth opportunities that might exist across each of our markets."

Wandy Martinez
Revenue Manager – Camden

"RealPage's new Performance Analytics Benchmarking platform offers the interface that allows quick identification of trends. I love the ability to clearly see the variances with respect to the benchmarking data. Additionally, being able to create widgets, customize the visibility of the most relevant KPI’s, and track struggling assets is huge. We are thrilled with the new offering that is allowing us to further drive the performance."

Krissie Silver
Operations Manager – Raintree Partners

“As a full tech stack RealPage client, we utilize RealPage’s BI and PA products to enhance our operational efficiency across 40 sites and over 18,000 units. We depend on the timely insights, reporting, customizable dashboards and widgets these solutions provide to make better decisions and improve performance. The seamless integrations and ease of accessing information have been a huge efficiency and productivity boost.
The RealPage team has been a great partner learning our business and challenges, enhancing the platform along the way, and developing customization that has made a big impact helping us achieve our business objectives.”

Ariel Hanson
Director of Operations at GoldOller Real Estate Investments

“Benchmarking has been a huge resource for us over the last year. We’ve been subject to call-in market data for so long. Having a clean, more reliable source of data has allowed us to really position our assets based on daily leasing transactions and make more strategic decisions for the future. Removing that guess work and being able to benchmark our assets against our own portfolio and then compare that to the competitive zip code or sub-market has been invaluable to us as an organization.”

Michael Bailey-Tonini
Director of Technology & Information Systems at ZRS Management, LLC

“RealPage Benchmarking allows us to spend our time on the right things so that we can make tangible changes to only the assets that need it. Are we getting the same kind of rent roll growth the competitors are getting? If we’re behind, we can see if it’s the new lease side or the renewal side. Benchmarking provides that visibility.”

James Flick
Director of Revenue Management, Camden

“The one thing our operations team needs most of is time, and Benchmarking delivers it. We can look at the charts and graphs and quickly determine where we’re underperforming and where we’re performing well, so we can reallocate time to those assets that need our attention most.”

Brandy Daniel
VP of Business Intelligence, BH Management
Drive Yield Up To 550 BPS

RealPage Strategic Business Advisors leverage Performance Analytics Benchmarking to support your asset strategy with STARS Customer Business Reviews that evaluate comparative peer performance and pinpoint where and how you can drive the most yield by as much as 300 to 550 basis points.

Customer Business Reviews Help Drive Yield 300 – 550 BPS

Drive yield up to 550 basis points with RealPage Customer Business Reviews and Strategic Business Advisors who pinpoint where and how to improve property performance and outperform the competition—despite market uncertainties.

Know where you stand in your market—and how to stay ahead.

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