Know your score — and quickly pinpoint your plan of action — with RealPage’s precision Benchmarking.

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Stay Ahead of the Game by Monitoring Your Competition with 360-Degree Transparency on Revenue and Expense

RealPage’s precision Benchmarking platform enables you to definitively answer the questions that surround external market performance. By providing real-time visibility into the performance of your portfolio against the RealPage dataset of over 12 million units of lease-transaction data, you’ll have the clarity necessary to make strategic decisions to help you dominate the market.


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  • Benchmark dozens of revenue, expense, and operational metrics in real time
  • Integrated with all major operating systems
  • Daily updates
  • Normalized metrics across multiple property management systems
  • Aggregation from portfolio down to unit-level granularity
  • Navigate same-store performance MoM, QoQ, YoY
  • Benchmark performance internally and externally
  • Browser and device agnostic for accessibility almost anywhere

RealPage Benchmarking Expands Asset Performance Insight

RealPage Benchmarking expands asset performance insights at BH Management by delivering market and submarket-level data for 85,000 units nationwide—increasing confidence and driving better decisions throughout the organization for their property owners and their businesses.

What They’re Saying

“RealPage Benchmarking allows us to spend our time on the right things so that we can make tangible changes to only the assets that need it. Are we getting the same kind of rent roll growth the competitors are getting? If we’re behind, we can see if it’s the new lease side or the renewal side. Benchmarking provides that visibility.”

James Flick
James Flick
Director of Revenue Management, Camden

“The one thing our operations team needs most of is time, and Benchmarking delivers it. We can look at the charts and graphs and quickly determine where we’re underperforming and where we’re performing well, so we can reallocate time to those assets that need our attention most.”

Brandy Daniel
Brandy Daniel
VP of Business Intelligence, BH Management

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