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Property Management Insider

7 Must-Have Reporting Tools for Commercial Property Management

Asian woman working on a laptop in a coffee shop

In order to be competitive in today’s marketplace, small to mid-sized commercial properties need robust reporting capabilities that offer customized, accurate, detailed reports for each and every stakeholder. The good news is that there are affordable, competitive solutions available for commercial property management.

Learn which reporting features no commercial property management owner, executive or manager should be without, regardless of the size of your organization by…. READ MORE

Using Business Intelligence to Determine ROI on Renovations

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A fact of multifamily is that apartments have to make ongoing investments to stay competitive in today’s market. A renovation or value-add strategy can align an older property to better compete with a newer community down the street, even one in a higher class. Community-wide overhauls of flooring, cabinets and appliances refresh units to attract new residents and retain others. Typically, improvements result in higher revenue and increase the asset’s value.

But even the smallest upgrade comes at a high cost, and finding the balance between rent adjustments and a sound return on investment can be like walking a tightrope. A planned ROI may look good on paper but not always take into consideration key market dynamics. READ MORE

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