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July 15 – 17

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What’s your biggest property management challenge? Chances are, there’s an on-demand RealPage® webinar or webcast that can help. From managing credit card payments without the fees and capturing more qualified leads to utility cost management and affordable housing compliance issues, you’ll find the “how to” you’re looking for.

What’s Next

Property Management Insider

Multifamily Outlook

Multifamily’s Outlook, Late 2017 Rent Cuts, Top Metros for Permits and Jobs

MPF Research provides actionable apartment market research to apartment investors and operators. Here’s the latest from RealPage’s multifamily intelligence division.

RealPage Reports Moderate Apartment Rent Growth For 2017

Despite normal seasonal pricing cuts in the 4th quarter, rents grew at a moderate pace in 2017, and occupancy levels remained healthy, according to a new report….. READ MORE

apartment living room undergoing rennovations

Cutting the Paperwork Out of Maintenance with the Mobile Facilities App

RISE Real Estate, a successful company with holdings in both conventional and student, finally has a new tool that benefits both properties. Before encountering the Mobile Facilities App, however, they documented maintenance the way most companies do: with lots of paper and trips to the front office.

“It’s inherently wasteful,” says RISE’s software platform analyst, Carlos Galvez. “You have paper associated with the work order and job completion – including a copy left for the resident. You’ve got paper, toner, storage and the chance of docs going missing. If you need to look at records, you have to dig through files for them. When the computer does things more effectively these days, this just didn’t make sense to us anymore.” READ MORE

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