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Multifamily Outlook

3 Ways to Drive Revenue from Apartment Amenities

If companies make one wrong assumption, millions of dollars of investment becomes a wasted effort. In multifamily, no investment is perhaps more misunderstood than the luxury apartment amenity.

Popular opinion tells property managers that the market value of an outdoor fitness center or luxury swimming pool will offset the cost of building. But months later, those same amenity-rich apartments are sitting on the market waiting for tenants to show up. Data scientist Rich Hughes says the math is simple. The more amenities, the higher the price tag. $1,400 a month plus utilities ultimately pays for a 1 bedroom… READ MORE

apartment living room undergoing rennovations

Fixing the “Forgetting Curve” in Multifamily Learning

RealPage Vice President of Learning Solutions Katie McCaslin recently has been circulating a shocking factoid: 70% of what employees learn in training is forgotten within just 24 hours. That’s like throwing away $42 billion of the $60 billion spent on employee training in the U.S. each year.

And it gets worse: after only a week, the amount of material remembered has diminished even further. In fact, there’s very little long-term retention of anything learned through traditional training. READ MORE

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