Resident Utility Billing Services

One-bill convenience for your residents. One powerful platform for your business. Uncover hidden revenue, boost collection rates, and increase NOI with the industry’s most advanced utility billing services platform.

Resident Utility Billing Services

Apartment Resident Utility Billing Just Got Easier

Cut Costs, Simplify Billing, Conserve Resources

The RealPage Resident Utility Billing solution provides everything required to launch and manage a successful resident utility billing and cost recovery program at your multifamily properties. The RealPage resident utility billing platform gives you configurable options for convergent or utility-only statements and rent ledger.

Resident Onebill

Resident OneBill delivers a statement bill to residents detailing their allocated utility charges and may include other line items for rent, amenity fees, balance carry-overs and any other charges reflected in their resident ledger for the month.


This service sends a full-page statement bill (option for postcard with privacy seal) to residents, detailing their allocated utility charges.

Utilities With Remittances

Monthly statement of calculated utility charges provided to residents each month with remittances of those charges processed via RealPage Payments rather than onsite staff.

Real-Life Utility Expense Stories – And How To Avoid Them
Call them cautionary tales… These real-life utility expense stories could happen to any property management business. Find out how to reduce your risk of encountering them in your own communities, today.

Resident Billing Built For Your Objectives

Common Billing Methods

RealPage Utility Management delivers all common RUBS and submetering billing methods used across the U.S., as well as multiple methods at the same property (as needed).

Seamless Integration

In fact, we make different property management software on different properties seamless. RealPage Utility Management interfaces with all major property management software systems, which allows us to automatically identify billable residents and upload accounts receivable (A/R) charges.

Generate & Process Final Bills

Life is simple with multiple ways to generate and process final bills. This includes automated processes and the ability to generate them within other property management software systems such as OneSite.

Utility Cost Recovery Made Simple

Easy And Flexible

Include rent and utilities on one bill. Integrate billing with your property management system. Configure bills as you wish. We make it easy.

On-Time And Accurate

RealPage’s redundant data verification process ensures that resident billing is fast and accurate, maximizing recovery.

Resident Convenience

eBill and other billing and payment options are available so residents can process and pay rent and utilities as they wish.

Superior Service And Support

Assist both property managers and residents. RealPage offers the longest customer care hours in the business, available 7 days a week.

Legal And Regulatory Support

RealPage’s in-house legal team is the largest, most experienced in the industry. Rest assured they are monitoring and responding to legislative activity to represent your interests.

Experts In Multifamily Utility Billing

National Database

Our regulatory team maintains a national database of state, county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations affecting submetering, billing, and energy management.

Extensive Experience

RealPage’s regulatory legal team has extensive multifamily billing experience, so we know the methodologies that will improve your bottom line and resident satisfaction.

Data Security

RealPage ascribes to the highest data security and financial controls in the industry. This includes adherence with international, federal, state, local, Card Association and NACHA rules.

Create Efficiencies

RealPage maintains software interfaces to ensure that software upgrades go smoothly. With RealPage’s interface you manage your data directly from your property management software portal.

Real-Time Data

Status Tracker is a real-time tool that syncs directly with the project management systems used by RealPage. You can see notes, schedule dates completed and respond to request for files.

High Performance Utility Billing

Utility costs are the 3rd largest expense for multifamily companies. Without a well-managed utility billing program, your properties’ utility costs and consumption can literally go through the roof. A well-managed resident billing program can help you increase recovery of these utility costs while ensuring you stay compliant with billing regulations.

Learn how an effective utility billing program can increase net operating income, reduce water consumption and mitigate legal risk.

Utility Management Solutions

Utility Billing

Resident Billing delivers full service billing, payments, and reporting.

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Submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

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Expense Management

Utility Expense Management tracks your properties’ usage, expense, and rate data.

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Energy Management

Energy Management helps you use less energy and pay less for what you use

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Utility Benchmarking

Utility Benchmarking is your essential pulse on the market and indicates how your properties measure up.

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