RealPage® Security Deposit Alternatives

Tackle bad debt, get ahead of regulatory laws and increase efficiency.

Deposit Alternatives

Two Solutions. Unlimited Benefits.

Our deposit alternative solutions allow you to protect against lost rent and damages, advertise lower move-in options and reduce bad debt without losing leases from high security deposits.

Deposit Insurance

The all-new zero-risk Deposit Insurance allows you to offer your residents the choice of a small, non-refundable monthly premium instead of an upfront security deposit. Reduce bad debt without losing leases from high deposits—at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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DepositIQ replaces the upfront security deposit and lets you offer residents the option of purchasing an affordable one-time, non-refundable surety bond that guarantees lease obligations instead.

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Marketing & Leasing Benefits:

  • Drive more traffic to your community
  • Eliminate security deposits
  • Reward your best-quality applicants
  • Lease units faster
  • Increase closing ratios
  • Use in parallel with existing deposits or standalone
  • Share a seamless experience and real-time data with OneSite integration

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduce bad debt
  • Improve cash flow and NOI
  • Decrease time and cost of administering deposits, claims, and collections
  • Increase lease renewals

Resident Benefits:

  • Reduce move-in costs
  • Avoid additional credit checks
  • Keep more cash in-pocket for rent increases, living expenses, and more

See how our customers are succeeding with Deposit Alternatives

“Overall, since switching to DepositIQ, we have increased our bad debt recovery by nearly 10% and also increased our site staff productivity as they no longer have to switch from one platform to another.”

Ryan Raser
Director of Operations, GWR Management

“We could not be happier with DepositIQ. Not only is RealPage committed to going above and beyond for their customers, DepositIQ has helped our move-in rates. The program has helped us attract applicants who prefer a low-cost move in option versus a traditional deposit. Additionally, we’ve minimized our losses and have reduced our bad debt recovery by 4%.”

David Smith
Regional Manager, Wood Partners
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