Utility Management Solutions

RealPage® Utility Management helps you take control of energy conservation and billing at your properties.

Utility Management Solutions

Utility Management Solutions Deliver Savings and Conserve Energy

RealPage Utility Management enables multifamily property owners, operators and fee managers to reduce their utility management expenses while providing a platform for billing ancillary services. For more than two decades, RealPage has worked alongside its multifamily housing clients and their residents to save time, money and precious energy.

Whether you’re looking to install a new system or retrofit an existing system, you can rely on the RealPage Utility Management team to handle your water, electricity, and gas submetering. We use only code-compliant equipment, and provide a variety of solutions—from end-to-end installation to ongoing maintenance and service—so you can choose the service that best suits your needs and budget.

Utility Management Includes:

Utility Billing

Resident Billing delivers full service billing, payments, and reporting.

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Submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

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Expense Management

Utility Expense Management tracks your properties’ usage, expense, and rate data.

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Energy Management

Energy Management helps you use less energy and pay less for what you use

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Utility Benchmarking

Utility Benchmarking is your essential pulse on the market and indicates how your properties measure up.

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“Our RealPage Utility Advisor partnered with us to execute on necessary utility billing changes. They ended up improving our billing collections by 14% annually and the solution is projected to have a multi-million-dollar, long-term impact.”

Matt Tucker
Regional Property Director, Goldrich Kest
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RealPage® Utility Management account managers are here to help you unlock the hidden yield in your properties.

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Utility Billing Increases NOI Webcast

Utility costs are the 3rd largest expense for multifamily companies. A well-managed resident billing program can help you increase recovery of these utility costs while ensuring you stay compliant with billing regulations. It will also encourage residents to use utilities more responsibly.

Reduce Costs Through Energy Management Essentials

Get vacant cost recovery, submetering, and utility billing services in one solution.

What are the essentials of energy management for multifamily companies and how do you ensure you don’t fail?

In this webcast we help explain what that means and how to figure it all out. In addition, you’ll learn how to leverage your utility data to help you use less energy and pay less for what you use. They’ll also share some of the common challenges that can derail a well-intended energy management program.

How To Reduce Risk and Avoid Pitfalls Through Utility Billing Compliance

Reduce Risk in Utility Management Webcast

Join Jeff Peterson, VP of Utility Management and Legal VP Mike Semko with moderator Gina Tito to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of utility management.

This one-hour webcast explains how to manage risk and keep your utility cost recovery program compliant. In addition, you’ll hear the latest regulatory updates affecting multifamily utility management across the country.

Get exclusive access to the latest information on the forces that affect your energy rates.

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