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Compliance monitoring and asset management for all property types, taking the burden off of your staff, mitigating risk and keeping your properties in line with changing regulations.

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Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Changing Affordable Housing regulations can throw you a curve. Penalties for noncompliance can mean huge financial losses for owners and fee managers. That’s a lot to keep up with. Stay ahead of it all with RealPage Compliance Services, previously known as Windsor Compliance. Our dedicated teams of compliance experts are at your service to help mitigate risk, maximize occupancy and ensure property compliance with federal, state and local government regulations.

Knowing whether a property is in compliance with these regulations often requires expertise that few property managers have, in spite of the fact that millions of dollars are at stake. RealPage Compliance Services provides services to ensure compliance with local, state and federal Affordable Housing regulations. Our products and services work seamlessly within your company’s business processes to meet all of your asset management and compliance needs. It’s the expertise you need to be sure.

Compliance Services for Affordable Properties

RealPage Compliance Services provides compliance monitoring services for all types of Affordable properties, including Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties (Section 42), tax exempt bond, Section 8, HOME, HUD and Rural Development properties. Our services include:

Compliance Monitoring

Using our years of expertise in the various federal, state and local Affordable Housing programs, we review your move-in certifications and annual recertifications to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

File Audits

RealPage will certify that your units are in compliance. We provide an unbiased assessment of applications and a thorough review of move-ins, annual recertifications and all supporting documentation. If we determine you are not in compliance, we can provide the advice and tools you need to get back on track—and stay on track.

Asset Management Services

RealPage Compliance Services also offers comprehensive asset management services. Our on-site audit and property inspection services include:

Accessibility Plans

In-depth ADA/504/Fair Housing Accessibility Plans, which include inspection of facilities and a subsequent comprehensive, customized report showing owners how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 and the Fair Housing Amendments Act apply to their specific property.

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Capital Needs Assessments

Capital Needs Assessments provide owners extensive insight into the useful life of a property’s building systems so they can plan for a property’s capital expenditures over the next 10 to 20 years.

Asset Management Inspections

Asset Management Inspections provide cost-effective expertise that helps syndicators, owners and managers prepare for MORs, REAC and state agency inspections.

RealPage Compliance Services Cuts Reviews to Less Than 48 Hours

When they were looking for a partner to help with housing compliance, Kevin Weishaar and his team at Mercy Housing had to choose very carefully. To start, they had several multifamily properties with multiple funding layers—as many as nine layers—and they needed a partner who could handle that kind of complexity.

Removing the Mystery from Multifamily Housing Compliance

Noncompliance with the ADA, Fair Housing accessibility laws, and many others all carry stiff financial penalties, civil fines and more—there is no room for assumptions. Whether you own or operate conventional multifamily, commercial, military housing, affordable housing, student or senior housing, this in-depth presentation takes you through the complex landscape of regulations only an expert would be able to keep up with. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn more.

Best-in-Class Services to Help You Navigate the Compliance Curve

A Solution Overview for RealPage Housing Compliance Services

Reduce risk, maximize occupancy and help ensure your properties are in total compliance with all federal, state and local government housing regulations with RealPage Compliance Services services. Watch this overview video to learn more about RealPage Compliance Services.

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Avoid ADA, FHA and CARES Act Fines & Penalties

About RealPage Compliance Services – Meet the Team

RealPage Compliance Services provides asset management and compliance monitoring for all types of properties, including affordable, conventional, student, senior and military. We work with you to create a plan for your properties to meet and maintain accessibility and compliance standards through monitoring, audits and property inspections and reports.

Our staff has extensive experience in compliance monitoring for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Section 42), tax exempt bond, Section 8, HOME, and Rural Development properties. Our staff brings expert, real-world experience to our clients.

Celeste Slater, Vice President – Compliance Operations

Celeste oversees the day-to-day operations of each of the RealPage Compliance teams. She has been involved in multifamily housing since 1997 and in the affordable housing business since 2000. She also has numerous affordable housing certifications, including the Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM) and the Housing Credit Compliance Professional (HCCP) certifications. Celeste oversees the team of Compliance Partners and coordinates training and development of instructional materials for our team and our clients. She currently holds the Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), the Certified Occupancy Specialist-Public Housing (COSP) and the Housing Credit Compliance Professional (HCCP) designations.

Clark Crowther, Director of Asset Management

Clark Crowther has been involved in various facets of the affordable housing industry since 1983. He oversees the Asset Management team and is responsible for several asset management contracts with national tax credit syndicators and owners. In addition to asset management, his team performs on-site Accessibility Reviews and Comprehensive Needs Assessments. Clark has a degree in marketing from Appalachian State University. He also holds the SHCM, CPO and FHC certifications through the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA).

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