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A financial workhorse as nimble as you need to be, with custom reporting and centralized processing for ultimate efficiency.

Investment Accounting

Automate Your Routine. Activate More Return.

No more duplicate data entry or lengthy searches. RealPage® Accounting is a feature-rich, web-based property management accounting solution designed for corporate operations of any size. Fully integrated with OneSite Leasing & Rents, RealPage Accounting delivers streamlined, automated workflows, and ultimately, dramatic savings in time and labor. Gain full visibility into the details of your data at the site level from just one solution. Centralize processing across all sites for powerful efficiency. And make every minute count, starting now.

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Fast-Track Reporting: Quality Reports in Less Time

It’s All Part of the RealPage Financial Suite

Corporate Accounting

Specifically designed to accommodate the needs of complex businesses and those affiliated with them. You’ll never have to switch from property accounting to corporate accounting systems again.

Property Accounting

A 360-degree back-office accounting solution driving unparalleled efficiency and scalability, streamlining everyday workflows and offering full visibility into the details of your data at the site level from this one solution.

Financial Close Management

Month-end and year-end closing doesn’t have to take days, or even hours. Financial Close Management allows you to automate the entire process so that all of your books tie out in just minutes.

Spend Management

Manage procure-to-pay the easy way, from purchase order through receipt of goods to invoice matching and payment. Create custom approval workflows, stay vendor compliant and control rogue spending.

Job Cost

Keep building and renovation costs on track with ease. This fully integrated solution delivers complete visibility into capital expenditures, all in one place—all the way down to the unit level.


Features time-saving, simplified features and functionalities designed to help reduce costs, improve accuracy and enable more productive budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

Financial Reporting

Keep every stakeholder in the loop with customizable, complete and shareable financial reports. Leverage powerful functionalities such as configurable and role-based dashboards and searchable data grids, render financial and operational reports, KPIs, and much more.

Smartsource Accounting

Our team of accounting experts, available by outsource, to turn to for on-time and accurate financials without the hassle of staffing and training an entire accounting team of your own, enabling you to spend more time on strategic initiatives.

Control Building and Renovation Expenses with RealPage Job Cost

Streamline the Process, Save Time

Keep construction and renovation costs on track and on budget—down to the unit level—with RealPage Job Cost, ultimately enabling you to make better, more strategically sound budgeting decisions, reduce errors and boosting productivity.

Simplify Procure-to-Pay

Make it Easy with Spend Management

As part of the RealPage Financial Suite, Spend Management makes the procure-to-pay process simple. Integration with accounting means you have the power to access all the data you need, all in one place as well as control rogue spending and overcharging.

Simplify Your Most Time-Consuming Tasks

RealPage® Financial Close Management is the fastest way to get month-end and year-end closings off your plate. Easily create custom work papers, tie subledgers to trial balances and seamlessly integrate with OneSite Leasing and Rents and RealPage Accounting. Find out more!

Get it All Together with the RealPage Financial Suite

It’s Much More Than Accounting

In this video, you’ll see why the RealPage Financial Suite helps you get it all together, all on one integrated platform. Find out how our flexible solutions work together, from property and corporate accounting to job cost accounting, financial close management, spend management, and more. Get the power of best-in-class customized financial reporting and find more time to focus on business growth by outsourcing.

RealPage Accounting Makes Life Easier

Ginkgo Residential Simplifies with RealPage Accounting

Ginkgo Residential was like many other property management companies. Their old accounting system had become antiquated, they used multiple platforms that weren’t compatible, and they had to deal with time-consuming backend integrations—putting them at risk for errors.

RealPage Property and Corporate Accounting Software Overview

A Complete Back Office Accounting System

RealPage Accounting Suite provides you with a complete back office accounting system that meets your all business needs. A scalable, web-based accounting system gives your company flexibility and control over your financial responsibilities and reporting for both corporate and property accounting. Watch the introductory video to find out how RealPage Accounting can drive efficiency.

Drive Workforce Efficiency and Decrease Costs

See How RealPage Accounting Boosts Profitability

If your portfolio’s accounting system is less than robust, make the move to RealPage Accounting. With the industry’s best-in-class financial reporting platform working for you, you’ll be able to view the metrics that matter most to you and your business, including cash flow, budgeting, expense trends, and much more. Watch the video to find out how RealPage Accounting can drive efficiency.

Get Real-Time Integration of Key Metrics When and How You Want It

Accelerate Efficiency with RealPage Exponential Reporting

For small- to mid-sized commercial property management companies, the fastest way to Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity is with RealPage Exponential Reporting. With this unique tool, it’s easy to take your reporting and analysis capabilities to the next level, especially if you’re already using RealPage Commercial Property Management, Accounting or Investment Accounting. RealPage Exponential Reporting can do it all, allowing you to access, consolidate and share key metrics with every stakeholder, how they want it, when they need it.

Mastering RealPage Accounting

Stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of using the RealPage Financial Suite by watching this on-demand webinar video, featuring the platform applications available in the RealPage Accounting Marketplace. You’ll learn about the different accounting add-on applications and how they work, such as budget variance analysis, debt maintenance, positive pay, journal import and more. All designed to extend the benefits of the RealPage Financial Suite and to help your team work more efficiently.

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The depth of information about vehicle performance available on today’s electronic dashboards is light years ahead of the basic speed, fuel, temperature, tachometer and voltage gauges common on cars 40 and 50 years ago. And rightfully so. Cars are far more complex than those gear-noshing metal beasts in the golden age of automobiles. Driving conditions are just as convoluted, and tracking performance is critical.

The dashboard is there to help the driver navigate better and get a real-time feel of the road.

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Apartment owners and operators love the business of real estate. Creating value. Improving process. Trading assets. But accounting, producing financial reports and other repetitive functions? Not so much.

The core of utility management is found in the books. And while keeping the books is critical to the value of an operation, the process can create drag on the margins when it should improve an owner’s ability to build profit. The truth is accounting processes and other back office functions haven’t changed in decades.

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