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A financial workhorse as nimble as you need to be, with custom reporting and centralized processing for ultimate efficiency.

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Automate Your Routine. Activate More Return.

No more duplicate data entry or lengthy searches. RealPage® Accounting is a feature-rich, web-based property management accounting solution designed for corporate operations of any size. Fully integrated with OneSite Leasing & Rents, RealPage Accounting delivers streamlined, automated workflows, and ultimately, dramatic savings in time and labor. Gain full visibility into the details of your data at the site level from just one solution. Centralize processing across all sites for powerful efficiency. And make every minute count, starting now.

Why More Property Management Companies Are Moving to RealPage Accounting


Only from RealPage, this powerful feature allows easy customization, creation, and modification of reports, without external assistance.


Integration with the general ledger allows for real-time posting of all transactions on a cash or accrual basis, ensuring consistency.


Electronic signature, payment approvals, automatic bank reconciliations, central disbursements and allocation tables—all covered.


Customize a homepage view for any user or role type, providing a real-time snapshot of critical KPIs.

RealPage Property and Corporate Accounting Software Overview

A Complete Back Office Accounting System

RealPage Accounting Suite provides you with a complete back office accounting system that meets your all business needs. A scalable, web-based accounting system gives your company flexibility and control over your financial responsibilities and reporting for both corporate and property accounting. Watch the introductory video to find out how RealPage Accounting can drive efficiency.

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Drive Workforce Efficiency and Decrease Costs.

See How RealPage Accounting Boosts Profitability

If your portfolio’s accounting system is less than robust, make the move to RealPage Accounting. With the industry’s best-in-class financial reporting platform working for you, you’ll be able to view the metrics that matter most to you and your business, including cash flow, budgeting, expense trends, and much more. Watch the video to find out how RealPage Accounting can drive efficiency.

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Get real-time integration of key metrics when and how you want it.

Accelerate Efficiency with RealPage Exponential Reporting

For small- to mid-sized commercial property management companies, the fastest way to Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity is with RealPage Exponential Reporting. With this unique tool, it’s easy to take your reporting and analysis capabilities to the next level, especially if you’re already using RealPage Commercial Property Management, Accounting or Investment Accounting. RealPage Exponential Reporting can do it all, allowing you to access, consolidate and share key metrics with every stakeholder, how they want it, when they need it.

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Make the Most of RealPage Accounting with Exponential Reporting

Make the Most of RealPage Accounting with Exponential Reporting

Streamline your financial reporting process. Design and produce financial reports and analytics for every stakeholder, when and how you want them. With RealPage Exponential Reporting, you can maximize your investment in RealPage Accounting.

By leveraging spreadsheet technology, RealPage Exponential Reporting enables you to create and share financial statements without the repetitive, manual import and export of data.

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Consulting Services to Maximize Every Move

Consulting Services

We want you to get the most out of the RealPage Accounting solution, and as a result, we offer focused, expert coaching on everything from account receivables and data consolidations, to report writing and end-to-end managed implementation. We can be available to answer any questions you may have, especially during your first six-to-nine months of using the software. And we’ll even supply a workplace mentor, who can develop coaching sessions for any size group with specialized needs.

It’s Time for an All-In-One Accounting Platform

Shouldn’t your property management accounting software do more than just addition? This eBook will help you examine each aspect of your accounting system to improve how they function together so you can achieve optimum performance and foster growth.

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