Vendor Payments

Drive process efficiency, reduce risk and maximize savings with a best-in-class vendor payments solution.

Take Control of the Procurement-to-Payment Cycle

New RealPage ® Vendor Payments powered by AvidXchange ® integrates seamlessly with the RealPage Accounting and Financial Suite to automate workflow and improve productivity. Easily manage the complete procurement lifecycle—from purchase order to invoice processing to payment—and reduce the cycle time from 1 month to 10 days.

No other industry payments solution provides the combined scope, level of service, security protocols and flexibility that Vendor Payments can, including:

  • The largest mid-market supplier network with the highest e-payment adoption rate of 44%+
  • Ongoing payment services that cover conversion, execution and exception management
  • Software engineered to maximize e-payments with incentives that increase ROI
  • More payment options for vendors to choose from with Virtual Card, Direct Pay or Check

A Trusted Partnership with Proven Performance

8,800 North American companies trust us to cut costs and increase payment efficiency.

965,000 vendors are part of our national network with 44% already accepting e-payments.

400+ full-service team members to help from onboarding to ongoing support.

5 Reasons Why Top Multifamily Clients Prefer Vendor Payments

  • Decreased Costs – Eliminate check printing, envelopes, postage and follow-up on uncashed checks
  • Improved Productivity – Automatically pay invoices directly
  • Reduced Fraud Risks – Customize access controls, get complete visibility into payment status and secure electronic payments
  • 24/7 Access – Approve or reject payments and control who to pay, when to pay and how to pay
  • Cash Back Incentives – Earn cash back on electronic payments including Virtual Card and Direct Pay

“RealPage has made our implementation of the new Vendor Payments solution such a breeze. We can’t wait to realize all the time and cost savings that we know we’ll begin to receive in the coming weeks.”

Christina Van Zandt
Managing Director, CFO at Tishau GP, LLC

“We’re always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition, realize the benefits of economies of scale, and deliver a better toolkit for both our accounts payable and our vendor partners. Moving to RealPage Vendor Payments helps us deliver on those goals.”

Ryan Nigro
Senior Vice President of IT for CF Real Estate Services

“In partnership with RealPage, we’re helping real estate companies automate payments so they can spend more time focused on managing properties and less on paying bills. Customers are gaining efficiency and visibility into cash flow so they can make timely, secure payments to suppliers without the need to mail paper checks.”

Dan Drees
Chief Growth Officer, AvidXchange

“We see so many advantages for customers with RealPage Vendor Payments. The more suppliers move to electronic payments, the more customers can save the $3 to $7 average cost of processing a paper check, while significantly reducing the risk of check fraud at the same time. Customers can rely on AvidXchange’s full-service payment team to work directly with vendors to maintain their payment data and verify their accepted payment types. It’s all upside!”

Sara Jones
SVP, RealPage Spend Management and Accounting
Leverage RealPage’s Full-Service Payments Team

Learn about Vendor Payments’ world-class resources that include vendor onboarding, payment specialists, analysts, payment aging follow-up and more services.

Start streamlining your vendor payment process today.
Skyrocket Performance

This infographic illustrates just how far Vendor Payments can take productivity and profitability.

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