RealPage® Contact Center

24/7 leasing solution, generating more visits and leases per call than typical onsite leasing teams or contact center competitors

  • Extend Leasing Office Availability and Limit Lost Opportunities
  • An extension of your leasing and marketing team, differentiating your property and providing a customized prospect experience.
Contact Center

The new Answer Automation 2.0 platform is now live! Learn More about Answer Automation .

Always On. Always Leasing.

24/7 availablility to prospects via the communication channel of their choice

A highly trained & accountable extension of your leasing and marketing team. Laser focused on their properties in order to provide exceptional prospect experiences through unified communications. Even when your office is closed. Even when your agents are focused on serving residents. Without having to train and ramp when you have site staff turnover.

Generate up to 20% more visits and leases per call than typical on-site leasing teams or contact center competitors and improve marketing effectiveness.

Prospects today are shopping at all times of the day, on every day of the week. If you are only answering calls during office hours, you are likely missing approximately 50% of inbound leasing phone calls. Today’s prospects want to communicate using their channel of choice (email, phone, chat, and text) on their schedule.

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40% of leads resulted in scheduled on-site visits

Contact Center − World-Class Features

  • Contact Center All Calls and Emails, answers and responds to ALL inbound leasing phone and email inquiries 24/7, qualifies leads and schedules visit appointments.
  • Contact Center Missed Calls and Emails provides a 24/7 solution that answers the calls and emails that would have gone to voicemail during office hours and after hours, ensuring no leads are lost.
  • Chat and Text engage prospects using a click-to-chat/text widget on any property website to answer questions, schedule visits, or provide pricing.
  • Answer Automation greets callers with a consistent, professional message and instantly routes service requests, after-hour emergencies, new sales opportunities to the phone numbers and devices of your choosing.
  • Instant Call Reply help schedule prospect visits by providing a personal callback to every email with a phone number.
  • Contact Center for Maintenance acts as your residents’ first responders for handling and dispatching service requests 24/7.

Find out how to deliver the right information at the right time to prospects through their preferred communication channel, 24/7.

The new Answer Automation is the next generation, All-in-One Platform for businesses to manage their incoming messages for Leasing, General Inquiries, Emergency Service Requests and more via a single, centralized interface.

The newly updated platform has a number of powerful features, including:

  • Integrated Voice Recognition: Callers press or say the option they are choosing.
  • Caller ID Info Available For All Calls: Captured on All Calls that interact the Answer Automation 2.0 system.
  • One System Login: Simplified access with an upgraded UI experience and mobile responsiveness.
  • Upgraded Maintenance Dispatches: Allows for more notifications categories and ways to accept dispatches, for simplified access for your Maintenance Personnel.
  • Upgraded Reports: Real-time reporting with access to call monitor recordings and compliance metrics.
  • Self-Service Product Settings: View and make adjustments to product settings such as email message notifications, contact settings, greetings, temporary resident notifications and so much more!
  • Knowledge Database: Help Guides are available to guide you to what you need, when you need it.
Answer Automation Image

88% of our calls are answered in 25 seconds or less

Is Your Contact Center Your Greatest Untapped Opportunity?

As technology advances and prospects move to digital-first communication, a fully optimized Contact Center can help you develop better customer profiles, improve staff management and efficiencies and create a better overall experience for prospects.

It's More Than Talk

Increased Lease Conversion

The RealPage Contact Center is often a prospect’s first point of contact with your property. We leverage comprehensive knowledge of your property and features to set qualified visits that convert to leases.

Personalized Prospect Experience

The Contact Center acts as an extension of your leasing and marketing team—supporting all forms of communication via email, phone call, text and chat message and setting visits at a higher rate than your leasing office alone and other contact center competitors.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With all of these innovative features in the Contact Center, on-site leasing teams can spend more time on what they do best: closing opportunities while on tours and resident retention efforts.

Learn How to Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level