RealPage Front Office

Deeper Insights. Flexible Operating Models. Frictionless Experiences.

Capitalize on data and AI for greater visibility, scalable agent efficiencies, and best-in-class renter experiences to optimize revenue and maximize NOI.

A Competitive Edge for Your Business

RealPage Front Office uses AI, data, and automation to take you:

from fragmented data and
low visibility to


Deeper Insights

from employee
operational inefficiencies to


Flexible Operating Models

from disjointed renter
journeys to


Frictionless Experiences


Access Deeper Insights

The most informed decisions start with the highest-quality data. Front Office solutions share the most comprehensive, trusted data set to provide greater insights with every solution you implement. Get sophisticated analytics and reporting with a robust set of dashboards, KPIs, and metrics to help you evaluate performance at multiple levels. Better decision-making is at your fingertips.


Achieve Flexible Operating Models

Consolidate and realize scalable efficiencies across the employee journey and across communities with automated systems and streamlined processes. Flexible operating models enable you to move from a community-centric model to a regional or national office model when you’re ready.


Deliver Frictionless Experiences

Provide consistent resident and employee experiences with a convenient, easy-to-use solution, powered by AI and automation. Self-service options save time and speed payment while intuitive tools save costs and reduce risk. Create a smoother journey for renters by connecting AI communication tools, from bots to call intelligence, and keeping them engaged with a resident portal and rewards.

Marketing Management
Prospect Management
Leasing Management
Resident Management

Reimagine a Seamless, Integrated Leasing Experience With
Best-In-Class Solutions

RealPage has reimagined the leasing experience for our customers, making point solutions a thing of the past. Integrated, automated and AI enabled, Front Office helps you improve leasing agent performance, reduce time to lease, and enhance the renter and employee experience. RealPage Front Office best-in-class solutions help you optimize every step of the prospect-to-resident journey, multiplying insights and value with every additional solution you implement. Works with your current PMS, providing enhanced visibility and operational efficiencies more quickly without replacing existing tools.


Lead Gen

Uses predictive AI and advanced attribution to help you find, engage, and convert more high-intent leads across marketing channels, allowing you to fill occupancy faster at a lower cost.

  • Knock CRM
  • G5 Smart Digital Advertising
  • G5 Integrated Websites
  • G5 SEO & Listings
  • G5 Rep & Social
  • Analytics


Prospect Management

Leverages AI, data, and automation to optimize lead close rates, improve leasing agent performance, and support flexible operating models.

  • Knock CRM
  • Centralized Leasing Suite
  • Call Intelligence
  • AI Communications

Streamlines and digitizes the leasing experience, allowing you to capture and drive higher conversions, employee efficiencies, and monetize high-quality prospects.

  • Online Leasing (On-Site)
  • Contact Center —Leasing
  • Insurance
  • Deposit Alternatives
  • Self-Guided Tours


Resident Experience

Enables experiences that engage residents, build loyalty and revenue, and boost your community’s online reputation.

  • ActiveBuilding
  • Community Rewards
  • Smart Building
  • Contact Center—Maintenance
  • Knock CRM
It's time to reimagine your leasing experience with RealPage Front Office.