Introducing RealPage® Market Analytics

Get unparalleled visibility into true submarket performance that no one else can deliver. RealPage Market Analytics is the industry’s only lease transaction-driven platform that provides complete transparency into real-time rent roll and revenue, revealing the most current and accurate data critical to making investment decisions.

Market Analytics
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Asking rents and survey data can’t determine when you need to shift gears to accelerate return. Only RealPage Market Analytics can. We’ve reimagined market research—building on the Axiometrics® foundation—to drive higher ROI for investors.

Only RealPage Market Analytics Provides 100% Visibility for Property and Portfolio Research

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5% Current Visibility

Available Units

  • Asking Rents
  • Vacancy

95% Visibility Only with Market Analytics

Executed New Leases

  • New Lease Trade-Out
  • Average Vacant Days
  • Lease Terms

Executed Renewals

  • Retention Rates
  • Renewal Trade-Out
  • Lease Terms
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Real-Time Lease Transaction Data from over 13 Million Units

No other industry analytics tool has the tremendous volume of real-time lease transaction data that RealPage Market Analytics has—sourced from over 13 million units and over 400 markets across the country—providing the greatest accuracy for KPIs.

RealPage Market Analytics has become our one-stop shop for multifamily market research. Rent comps, sales comps, construction pipelines, operational forecasts and lease transaction data are all easily accessible through a singular intuitive platform. The Data Direct feature allows our team to quickly find and export the specific data sets we need, and the Asset Snapshot tool provides an instant evaluation of any potential transaction that crosses our desks.

Jordan Moss
Founder, Catalyst Housing Group

Now that we have visibility into resident retention rates and renewal rents and trade-out, we are hooked. Lease transactional data is now firmly rooted in our business practices from underwriting to asset management to property management to budgeting. We’ve also found tremendous value in the enhanced forecasts, the expanded construction pipeline and the data exporting tools – all of which are key inputs into Bell’s business intelligence. RealPage built upon the already strong foundation of Axiometrics and raised the bar 1,000 rungs higher up the ladder.

Jay Denton
Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence, Bell Partners

As market researchers guiding the underwriting of high dollar, complex multifamily deals in a competitive environment, we are expected to produce reports that are both accurate and precise to the penny. We highly value RealPage’s data because it provides details on rent rolls such as lease renewals and true revenues that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Additionally, the Asset Snapshot feature enables us to export the data we need quickly so we can meet our deadlines efficiently. As a result, we are far more confident in making our rental conclusions.

Aimee LaMontagne Baumiller
Vice President, PNC Bank

See Beyond Traditional Apartment Market Data

Make your asset strategies bulletproof with the following capabilities:

  • True Transactional Data – Access true submarket performance data from actual rent rolls to reduce risk
  • AI-Infused Forecasts – Peek into the future of any market, submarket or individual asset
  • Expansive Rent Comps – Dig deeper with rent details down to the floorplan level
  • Real Capital Analytics® Intelligence – See pricing and cap rates for sales comps, plus detailed trends in capital markets
  • Direct Data Feeds – Download the exact data you want and build custom queries
  • Dynamic User Interface – Create custom views with intuitive drag-and-drop dashboards
  • Ad Hoc Analysis – Conduct custom, in-flight analyses with different metrics and geographies
  • Asset Snapshot – Evaluate properties instantly, download and print reports with asset forecasts, rent comps, sales comps, construction pipeline, value estimates and more. Explore Now
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RealPage Market Analytics is market research reimagined. Learn why traditional methods like asking rents and survey data can’t provide the true submarket performance data you need to make smarter investment decisions.

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Built upon the Axiometrics® foundation, RealPage Market Analytics has enhanced features like expanded best-in-class market coverage and history that deliver better results for dealmakers.

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See It All with Market Analytics

Learn how you can get 100% visibility into true submarket performance.