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Your Residents Have an Easy, Affordable Way to Build Their Credit Profiles

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Good Credit is Good For Your Community

Consumers recognize that good credit scores impact them on many levels — from their ability to rent without a co-signer to securing good interest rates on car loans and other revolving credit. That’s why more than 60% of renters will choose an apartment that offers rent reporting over one that does not3, and those same renters are more likely to make on-time rent payments.

RealPage® Rent Reporting is an optional $4.99/month subscription that helps build residents’ credit profiles1 by automatically reporting monthly rent payment activity to Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion®.2

Rent Reporting Resources

Flyers you can use to help raise awareness of Rent Reporting among your staff and residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Alternative Data Such as Rent Payment Reporting Bridges the Gap for Unscorable Consumers and Increases Financial Inclusion Opportunities. TransUnion (2021). See also
2 This is subject to change without prior notice, but your residents’ monthly rental payments will be reported to at least one of the three major bureaus during their subscription to RealPage Rent Reporting.
3 Rent Reporting Will Motivate Seven in 10 Renters to Make More On-time Payments ( (TransUnion (2019).
4 Please note, RealPage is not a credit bureau and does not have direct influence over any aspect of credit bureau consumer profiles or credit scores calculated by the bureaus. Each bureau to which we report your residents’ rental payment information will determine, in its sole discretion, whether and how to use that information.