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What if your work day could be infinitely easier? What if we told you there’s only one tool you need to outperform, every day? It can. And this is it.

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The Property Management Solution That Does It All

Simplify financial processes and workflows with ACCOUNTING A complete, integrated accounting system with real-time central transaction processing for serious time and cost savings—and ultimate efficiency. VIEW Create, manage, distribute, and monitor with BUDGETING Easy to use and implement, the RealPage Budgeting solution can reduce the time it takes to produce budgets by as much as 96%. VIEW Stay organized and secure with DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT A centralized, secure storage resource for electronic records enabling time savings that can add up to $5,500 per site each year.* VIEW Activate your employees’ potential and drive business results with EASYLMS® A revolutionary employee learning management system that motivates staff to learn, provides powerful tools to simplify learning management, and aligns learning with employee performance reviews. VIEW Take work and worries off of your staff with FACILITIES Take maintenance service requests and make ready tasks to a higher level of response and efficiency, around the clock. VIEW Manage the complete renter lifecycle with ONESITE® PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Harness the power to execute, streamline, and automate everything from prospects and residents to site and corporate operations. VIEW Stay on budget and save time with SPEND MANAGEMENT Reduce operating expenses per unit and cut costs on expenses such as vendor services and purchasing, quickly and easily. VIEW Save money, time and resources with SMARTSOURCE ACCOUNTING Outsource property accounting to enjoy best-in-class accounting services while minimizing back-office needs and increasing staff allocation toward driving business growth. VIEW Stay on top of Affordable Housing regulations with WINDSOR COMPLIANCE Comprehensive services to help mitigate risk, maximize occupancy and ensure property compliance with federal, state and local government regulations. VIEW

Automate, centralize, organize, save time and expense. Do it all.

Efficiency won’t be just another word in your vocabulary. With RealPage® Property Management software, you’ll live it, every day. An integrated, end-to-end, web-based solution, it helps streamline all day-to-day operations. Centralize accounting, reporting, and spend management. Automate service requests and manage asset conditions – on the go. And organize and store electronic records and other digital compliance documents quickly and easily. It’s the one and only solution you’ll ever need for your property management business. Period.

  • Manage every detail for conventional, affordable, and commercial properties of any size.
  • Grow your business with a scalable, customizable solution.
  • Streamline functions for small or large communities.
  • Reduce vendor compliance risks through our extensive pre-vetted network.

Save Labor Costs

Reduce overall facilities labor costs by as much as


Reduce MRO

Reduce maintenance, repair, and operations spend by up to


Save Time

Cut the time you take preparing for budgeting and forecasting by as much as


It’s Time for an All-In-One Accounting Platform

Shouldn’t your property management accounting software do more than just addition? This eBook will help you examine each aspect of your accounting system to improve how they function together so you can achieve optimum performance and foster growth.

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Property Management Accounting Assessment eBook

Take OneSite Facilities to the Next Level

How do you keep maintenance staff productive in the field, close service requests faster and keep residents satisfied? You go mobile! The RealPage® Mobile Facilities App can help you achieve higher productivity and create happier residents.

Learn how using the Mobile Facilities App can help you streamline and automate inspections, track and capture damages during service requests and inspections, measure performance and eliminate paperwork, track, order and replace inventory on site and more!

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Take A Bite Out of Multifamily Budgeting Season

For most property management companies, the corporate planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting process are all affected by factors that are changing at best, unpredictable at worst. We’ll discuss the barriers to budgeting, the problems with (and solutions for) spreadsheets and some tools to make your entire budgeting process more efficient. RealPage® Budgeting can have your multifamily budgeting season, with minimal data entry, limited implementation time and no spreadsheets.

Watch this on-demand webcast that tackles the best way to build your budget, efficiently, accurately and easily.

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Getting Down to the Basics of Vendor Credentialing

If you aren’t performing a full background check on your vendors, it could come back to bite you. Not verifying criminal records, insurance and financial standing can result in poor work, fraud and lost money. RealPage Vendor Credentialing software is a web-based tracking platform that can be customized to your business requirements.

Minimize the costs associated with vendor liability risk with a full-service solution that manages vendor compliance and ensures they continue to work within your guidelines.

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OneSite Leasing

Empower your staff. Protect your profitability.

This informative eBook shows you what it takes to strengthen your staff’s purchasing power so they can successfully battle expenses and inefficiencies, and protect your profitability.

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Spend Management eBook

Become an Insider: Property Management News & Articles

Navigating the Energy Map with Utility Management

RISE Real Estate, a successful company with holdings in both conventional and student, finally has a new tool that benefits both properties. Before encountering the Mobile Facilities App, however, they documented maintenance the way most companies do: with lots of paper and trips to the front office.

“It’s inherently wasteful,” says RISE’s software platform analyst, Carlos Galvez. “You have paper associated with the work order and job completion – including a copy left for the resident. You’ve got paper, toner, storage and the chance of docs going missing. If you need to look at records, you have to dig through files for them. When the computer does things …” READ MORE

Navigating Multifamily with Accounting and Operations Dashboards

The depth of information about vehicle performance available on today’s electronic dashboards is light years ahead of the basic speed, fuel, temperature, tachometer and voltage gauges common on cars 40 and 50 years ago. And rightfully so. Cars are far more complex than those gear-noshing metal beasts in the golden age of automobiles. Driving conditions are just as convoluted, and tracking performance is critical.

The dashboard is there to help the driver navigate better and get a real-time feel of the road. READ MORE

*Calculation for a 200-unit property, based on data from an Open Archive Systems white paper.

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