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Put your money where your growth is. Outsource your property accounting to the industry professionals at RealPage to truly outperform.

Think Outside the Cubicle: Property Accounting Services, Outsourced

Instead of investing in building a back-office accounting department complete with office equipment and furniture, put your money where the highest return is: new business development, optimizing revenue, enabling strategies to drive property value—your future. SmartSource Accounting from RealPage helps to ensure on-time and accurate financials without the hassle of staffing and training an entire accounting team, or being encumbered by fluctuating accounting capacity demands. For multifamily and commercial firms, SmartSource Accounting is the smartest business move you can make.

SmartSource Outsourcing Services

SmartSource Accounting Ensures On-Time, Accurate Financials

Lindemann Multifamily Management determined that SmartSource Accounting offered the best solution to help them take full control over their data and gain transparency into their accounting system.

Why SmartSource Accounting Is the Smart Choice Now

In today’s retooled workplace where remote employees are commonplace, many property management companies are looking for winning strategies to contain costs for non-revenue producing functions like accounting.

Redwood Capital Gets Worry-Free Accounting With SmartSource

Controller Erica Duda shares how SmartSource™ Accounting supports Redwood Capital’s busy financial team, seamlessly providing trained professionals familiar with their specific multifamily and property-level procedures.

Outsource Your Multifamily Accounting to Us

RealPage SmartSource Accounting Services

Don’t invest in building a back-office accounting department complete with office equipment and furniture, put your money where the highest return is: new business development, optimizing revenue, enabling strategies to drive property value.

Minimize Costs, Maximize Returns by Understanding the Advantages of Outsourcing Back-Office Accounting

Customize Workflow

The industry is changing. Organizations are doing more with less, and this shift in focus is driving efficiency in back offices everywhere. Now more than ever, strategy rules.

Outsource to Outperform

Outsourced property accounting delivers significant time savings, freeing you and your team up to focus on more strategic initiatives. Here’s how SmartSource Accounting can change the growth picture for your firm:

Bank It. Don’t Build It.

With SmartSource Accounting, you’ll save money on overhead expenses, such as salaries, benefits, office space, equipment and software licenses, and more—savings you can take to the bank.

No Downtime

Standard staffing challenges such as turnover, vacations, paid leave of absences, illnesses—issues that can lead to additional temporary labor costs—are all a thing of the past when you outsource to RealPage.

Count On Consistency

Your SmartSource Accounting team is dedicated to your business and your success. You can count on the fact that you’ll receive accurate and predictable financials—consistently.

Tenured Talent

The RealPage SmartSource team is a highly experienced group of financial professionals offering depth of knowledge about best practices in the real estate industry. Capitalize on proven processes—don’t reinvent them.

Industry Knowledge

Our team brings a wide variety of valuable expertise to the table from multiple industry portfolios, including multifamily and commercial-specific experience. And because we utilize the industry-leading RealPage Accounting platform, you can be sure we know your business.


By outsourcing, you’ll be able to easily scale up or down to match your firm’s needs, such as new acquisitions or dispositions. You pay for the accounting labor you need, only when you need it.

Full-Service Residential and Commercial Property Accounting

When you trust RealPage SmartSource to handle your back-office accounting, you’re working with the best in the business for A-to-Z accounting services, including A/P, A/R and G/L, funding, refinancing and audit support, real estate tax payment optimization and management and much more. No matter what you need, we customize our team to fit the requirements of your business.

SmartSource Accounting Checks All the Boxes for MultiVersity Housing Partners

MultiVersity Housing selected the robust SmartSource Accounting solution to help build up their back office and eliminate the added worry of hiring and training more staff.

SmartSource Accounting Helps Firm Grow from 2 to 25 Properties

Sarah Hall of Reliant knows she can rely on RealPage® SmartSource™ Accounting to efficiently support her growing business. Working with SmartSource gives her a knowledgable financial team without the costs of hiring internal accountants in the highly compeititve and expensive San Francisco market.

Property Management Accounting Services Reviewed

Why Jill Meals-Herron chose SmartSource for outsourcing property management accounting services.

Is accounting your business? At Flaherty and Collins Properties, the number one focus is their residents; not accounting. This property management company chose to simplify accounting duties for non-accountants, specifically their property managers, apartment staff and regional managers.

Growth Strategy

Learn how multifamily property companies use SmartSource™ Accounting to manage staffing, portfolio and expenses challenges.

Become an Insider: Outsourced Accounting News & Articles

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Outsourcing Accounting Has Become a Competitive Advantage

Apartment acquisition is not just a question of having the investment capital in the tank, but also a matter of enough horsepower to get there. Expanding a property management portfolio requires effective administration of new properties, from onsite personnel to the back office. If there isn’t enough muscle, the profitability goals won’t be met.

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