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Multifamily’s Most User-Friendly CRM

With AI-powered tools, time-saving centralization and robust reporting, Knock® CRM’s integrated suite of front office technology stands out for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for a multifamily CRM that improves leasing team efficiency and increases NOI without sacrificing the renter experience, you’ve found it.

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Maximize Multifamily Leasing

Our core CRM solution combines all your marketing, leasing and analytics tools in one easy-to-use and easy-to-train platform.

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Keep high-quality leads in your portfolio

Knock’s Centralized Leasing Suite allows leasing agents to effortlessly navigate between properties no matter where they're working from.

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Boost efficiency with automation

Scale your leasing efforts and give front office teams a lift by automating redundant leasing tasks and serving prospects the information they want, when they need it.

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Spend your marketing dollars smartly

Understand which lead sources are performing and where your budget is best utilized with marketing and attribution tools.

Navigating CRM Options: A Practical Guide for Property Managers

Learn about the current state of CRM technology, explore the top three benefits of a CRM solution and understand how to choose the best CRM based on your needs.

Want to turbocharge your CRM?

Explore how our AI, calling data and apartment touring tools deliver enhanced experiences for management, staff and prospects.

2.8M apartment units covered by Knock CRM

~34 day average lead-to-lease conversion time

90% increase in calls answered with AI Virtual Agent

Knock AI Virtual Agent - Powered by Lumina

Save time & accelerate conversions with omnichannel AI communication

You work hard to attract prospects — don’t let any slip through the cracks. Respond to prospects 24/7 with Knock’s conversational and generative AI-powered calling, chat, email and texting features. And because our AI tools are natively integrated with Knock CRM, prospects' communications are captured in guest cards — meaning leasing teams don’t miss a beat.

  • Answer incoming prospect calls with our conversational AI calling tool
  • Never leave a prospect on read with instant text responses
  • Save time and capture important performance data with AI email
  • Convert more website leads with our AI chatbot
Knock AI Virtual Agent
Call Intelligence

Improve staff performance with call insights and reporting

There’s no need to manually sift through call transcripts or listen in on prospect calls. By capturing call data and reporting on prospects’ preferences, Knock’s Call Intelligence tool gives property management teams the insights they need to evaluate leasing staff performance, celebrate successes and find areas for improvement.

  • Capture data on every call between prospects and leasing teams
  • Leverage insights to evaluate leasing team performance and replace “secret” shops
  • Integrated with Knock CRM for a seamless user experience
Knock Call Intelligence
Apartment Tours

Enhance the touring experience with Knock Tours

Give prospective renters a high-touch experience from the moment they schedule a tour. Knock’s tablet-friendly touring platform matches the needs of any prospect by offering agent-guided and self-guided tour options. With ID and selfie scanning capabilities and fraud exposure reports, Knock Tours creates the smoothest, most secure touring experience possible.

  • Mitigate fraud with ID and selfie scanning
  • Match the needs of any prospect by providing in-person, video and self-guided tours
  • Improve leasing team performance with a tour itinerary highlighting important property information
  • Improve conversions after a tour by sending a quote with the click of a button
Knock Apartment Tours

“With Knock, we were able to refine and have oversight into our communication strategy and give our teams an organizational tool to manage their lead flow.”

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Large National Multifamily PMC Relies on Knock

“Our Knock onboarding experience was the best we’ve ever had. Also, because it’s so simple to use, it’s easier to train out of the box than any other solution we’ve worked with.”

Happy Customers

Discover what the most advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use CRM for multifamily can do for your rental housing properties.

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