Spend Smarter. Lease Faster. Price Right.

Make better advertising, leasing, and pricing decisions using supply intelligence across the entire demand funnel with DemandX, a revolutionary new approach to Demand Operations.

What’s Possible with demandx-logo

3-5% revenue outperformance1

300% more qualified calls through predictive technology2

24% improved lead-to-lease conversions3

1 Total performance improvement of component products, based on typical customer performance data and projected improvements

2 G5 Data Science study

3 Knock data


Demand Operations Done Right

Increase revenue and reduce vacancy by aligning digital advertising, leasing, and revenue management using the power of AI and data science. Now you can make better demand decisions using supply intelligence across the entire demand funnel with DemandX. By sharing data and AI predictions, you get better performance and accelerated outcomes across the DemandX platform—ultimately impacting asset value and NOI.

  • AI Revenue Management
  • G5 Smart Digital Advertising
  • Knock CRM

Spend Smarter

Remove the guesswork and align digital advertising spend to exposure proactively—before vacancies occur—with the help of AI-driven budget recommendations and forecasted outcomes. Acquire the right prospects faster with predictive technology. DemandX helps you advertise at the right time, for the right spend to fill predicted exposure.

  • G5 Smart Digital Advertising

Lease Faster

Increase agent efficiencies, accelerate response times, and improve renter experiences by using the power of AI and data science to direct agents to priority prospects and recommend next-best actions. With DemandX, you’ll respond to the right leads, the right way, for faster close rates.

  • Knock CRM

Price Right

Make holistic pricing decisions with visibility into advertising spend and leasing trends across multiple communities and operations functions. Advanced AI supply and demand models help you price units and amenities with precision to optimize revenue.

  • AI Revenue Management

DemandX: Where Advertising, Leasing, and Revenue Come Together

RealPage is making revolutionary changes to Demand Operations. We help you connect your demand levers and gain more visibility to reduce vacancy and generate returns faster.

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Outperform in demand operations by optimizing pricing, acquiring prospects with the highest intent to rent, and converting prospects faster with AI-driven precision.

DemandX Advertising

Align advertising spend with future exposure to accurately forecast spend and outcomes, solving for vacancy before it even happens.

DemandX Leasing

Align leasing with future exposure for faster conversions by prioritizing leads and driving sales efficiencies with next-best action recommendations.

Automated AI Solutions for the Right Demand Operations Decisions

Proactively generate leads, increase agent efficiencies, and make better demand decisions with RealPage DemandX.

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demandx-logo consists of:

AI Revenue


Engage and convert leads through automation and leasing agent efficiencies.

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Acquire the right prospects with AI-driven optimization.

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Optimize for revenue across all property types and in all market conditions through enhanced supply and demand forecasts.

Revolutionize your Demand Operations with RealPage Demandx