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With features and functionality you won’t find anywhere else, this powerful solution creates, manages, and distributes budgets for any type of property in your portfolio. And that’s just the beginning.

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Flexible, Customizable, Indispensable

The only software solution of its kind on the market today, RealPage Budgeting gives you infinite control and flexibility, no matter what the asset type. This robust, customizable platform helps keep budgets secure, easily accessible, and visible to several staff members, all at once. Because it’s web based, you can quickly and easily import data, meet all deadlines, and respond to rapidly changing market conditions as needed with accurate forecasting capabilities. What was once a complex, time-intensive process just got a lot easier. Read on.

The One Property Management Budgeting Solution That Delivers It All


RealPage Budgeting gives you control over access, workflow, data, formulas—even general ledger management.


Completely customizable to how you work and how you do business. No matter what the asset type.


Multiple preparers can work and view the budget at the same time, while historical trends are also strategically visible.


Built-in wizards make sure budgets and forecasts are accurate by combining operational and financial information to help reduce guessing.


You’ll have access to 40 standard reports and a powerful, custom report writing tool.


Spend time analyzing the data instead of entering it into a spreadsheet. Forecasting and budgeting screens are highly intuitive, while input of preliminary budgets can be done in as little as one day.

Five Ways to Optimize Your Budget Process.

Cut preparation time in half with this flexible budgeting solution.

Tap into all the data and metrics you need to make the most informed decisions and keep pace with the dynamic marketplace. RealPage Budgeting is a flexible, customizable solution to help you manage the budgeting process for any property type or asset class. Complete with an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement centralized setup, this robust tool reduces manual input and saves time and errors. Check out the video to see how.

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