Multifamily Utility Submetering

Boost Utility Cost Recovery. Increase Property Value. Conserve Resources.

RealPage Submeter Management Delivers

Whether you’re looking to install a new system or retrofit an existing system, you can rely on the RealPage Submetering team to handle your water, electricity, and gas submetering. We use only code-compliant equipment and provide a variety of solutions—from end-to-end installation to ongoing maintenance and service—so you can choose the service that best suits your needs and budget.

The Benefits Add Up

Drive Utility Cost Recovery

Recover hundreds of dollars per unit in annual operating expense: Submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

Increase Property Value

Installing submeters is a capital investment that builds directly into the value of your property.

Bolster Resident Support

Residents appreciate being charged based on actual consumption and may voluntarily conserve where local mandates compel conservation.

Submetering Is Conservation

Industry reports show that submetering stimulates conservation: Submetered properties use 15-29% less water, gas and electricity.

Get The Most From Your Investment

Our maintenance plans will optimize your metering investment to peak performance assuring maximum return.

Go With The Leader

RealPage is the number one installer and service provider of submeters to the nation’s apartment industry.

Utility Submetering for Your Multifamily Properties

Why choose RealPage for submetering service?

Meter Assurance Plan – our recurring maintenance program means your submetering investment is protected and guaranteed to operate efficiently.

Leak Detection Program – can pay for itself with one leak and may be implemented with any submetering system whether it’s remotely or manually read. With leak detection, you will receive proactive alerts which are sent when usage is flagged, either as a warning or extreme status report.

RealPage’s Leak Detection program allows property staff to proactively monitor high water usage, reduce utility expense, and promote a green environment by conserving precious resources. Properties using RealPage’s Meter Assurance Plan (MAP) automatically receive the Leak Detection service at no added charge.

Real-Life Utility Expense Stories – And How To Avoid Them
Call them cautionary tales… These real-life utility expense stories could happen to any property management business. Find out how to reduce your risk of encountering them in your own communities, today.

Utility Management Solutions


Resident Billing delivers full service billing, payments, and reporting.

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Submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

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Utility Expense Management tracks your properties’ usage, expense, and rate data.

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Energy Management helps you use less energy and pay less for what you use

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Utility Benchmarking is your essential pulse on the market and indicates how your properties measure up.

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