Multifamily Utility Submetering Maintenance

RealPage ® provides exceptional service on more than 2 million devices nationwide. We’re also the leader in submeter installation, having installed 200,000+ submeters in the past three years alone.

Multifamily Utility Submetering

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Don’t Violate State Submeter Mandates

Currently, 22 states have submetering maintenance mandates, and each has its own set of requirements. At RealPage, we keep up with the changing rules and regulations so you don’t have to. In addition, our Meter Assurance Plan provides proactive maintenance to ensure that your meters are always accurate, compliant and working properly.

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No One Has More Submeter Expertise or Experience than RealPage

Go with the leader. With over 600 years of combined experience, no one brings you more submetering expertise and experience than the RealPage ® team. We currently service more than 2.2 million devices, representing more than 30 systems, in over 4,000 multifamily properties nationwide. We maintain a nationwide staff of in-house, trained technicians and provide them with best-in-class training, equipment, vehicles and support.

Submeter Savings, Mandates and Maintenance

How much can your operations really save with submeters?

Protect Your Investment with Our Meter Assurance Plan (MAP)

Whether you’ve installed meters to meet mandate requirements or simply to improve NOI, our Meter Assurance Plan (MAP) helps protect your submeter investment. MAP relieves you of the responsibility of maintaining meter health and enables you to replace large, unexpected repair bills with one low, predictable monthly rate. MAP also supports a better resident experience because healthy meters reduce unexpected maintenance calls and increase confidence in the accuracy of utility usage reporting. With three different plans, you can choose the level of service that’s best for your property and your community.

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Benefits Add Up

Submetering allows property managers to bill tenants for utilities based on actual use, as recorded by their individual meters. RealPage is the real estate industry’s leading installer of electric and water submeters, which means you can rely on us for best-in-class submeter sales, installation and maintenance services. Following are some of the many benefits you’ll experience with RealPage Submeter Services:

Greater Utility Cost Recovery

Recover hundreds of dollars per unit in annual operating expense. Submetering allows RealPage to allocate utility costs to residents based on actual consumption.

Boosted Conservation

Industry reports show that submetering stimulates conservation: Submetered properties use 15-29% less water, gas and electricity.

Increased Property Value

Installing submeters is a capital investment that builds directly into the value of your property.

Optimized Performance

Our maintenance plans will optimize your metering investment to peak performance, assuring maximum return.

Stronger Resident Support

Residents appreciate being charged based on actual consumption and may voluntarily conserve where local mandates compel conservation.

Avoiding Penalties and Fines

More and more areas are adopting submetering mandates. RealPage helps you navigate the rules and requirements and keeps you compliant.

With more experience and services than ever, RealPage Utility Management is leading the charge to deliver advanced submeter installation and maintenance solutions that help maximize multifamily property value, compliance and resident satisfaction.

Submeter Installation for New and Old Properties

In addition to offering maintenance services for existing submetered properties, RealPage installs submeters in new developments and older properties that do not currently have them. In the past three years alone, we’ve installed 200,000+ submeters in more than 830 apartment communities.

Property developers see the value of utility submetering, and a growing number include electric and water submeters in their new communities. The ease or complexity of submetering an existing property depends on its layout, size and unit configuration. We work with many developers at the design stage to help them incorporate submetering into their plans more efficiently. Existing properties can also capture the benefits of submetering.

Whether you’re in the process of designing a new community or trying to find ways to upgrade an existing one, we can help you capture the substantial benefits of submetering. Contact us for a preliminary consultation.

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