Utility Expense Management

Discover Usage Spikes Fast. Identify Utility Service Theft. Minimize Late Fees.

Utility Expense Management

Why Care About Utility Expense Management?

An effective utility expense management program helps you conserve energy while reducing risk, delays, and vacant unit costs. Our program goes further, however. Designed to help you control costs, we help you save on unnecessary utility charges.

How RealPage Reduces Your Utility Expense

Our expense management processes and automation quickly capture not only the total amount due but also line items and metrics such as effective rate and usage. RealPage tracks your invoices, then actively works to reduce late fees by capturing invoices quicker, paying faster, and continually monitoring missing utility bills. Performance reports including metrics provide insights and show savings.

Utility Expense Management Delivers Cash Flow and More

Identify Utility Theft

Recapture utility expenses that haven’t been appropriately transferred to residents.

Minimize Late Fees

Your properties’ utility invoices are processed and paid fast, minimizing late fees.

Discover Usage Spikes Fast

Get quick alerts on unusual water, gas and electric consumption.

Manage Rate Changes

Make your forecast and budget more reliable.

Minimize Shut-Offs

The process automatically flags missing bills, immediately addresses utility notices, and minimizes shut-offs.

Guarantee Financial Security

Transparency and insight into what is for many firms the third largest category of controllable operating cost.

Comprehensive Utility Expense Management for Your Properties


How does your properties’ utility use compare to your competitors? RealPage sustainability reports help you quickly score your properties for both water and energy.

Analytics & Reporting

Track month-over-month and year-over-year usage and cost. All available through RealPage’s advanced analytics tools and reports.

Rate Forecasting

Rate forecasting, our intelligence on rate changes can increase the accuracy of your forecasts. We research rate data regularly, using multiple methods and sources to make rate predictions more reliable.

“The RealPage team has been instrumental in implementing what was a very broad project, yielding excellent improvements so far. It's an ongoing project of continuous improvement that is core to the Panco mission.”

Ben Stevens
Software Applications Manager, Panco Management

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Processing Utility Invoices

Learn How to Optimize Cash Flow, Increase Visibility, Save Time and Money

Don’t miss this enlightening webcast led by RealPage Utility Management experts Tamra Goodman, Jacki Caputo and Howard Berends. Discover all that a high-performance utility expense management program can do for you, such as tracking usage, expenses and other invoice data. Find out how to avoid common mistakes and make the most of every cost-saving opportunity.

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In this webcast we help explain what that means and how to figure it all out. In addition, you’ll learn how to leverage your utility data to help you use less energy and pay less for what you use. They’ll also share some of the common challenges that can derail a well-intended energy management program.

How To Reduce Risk and Avoid Pitfalls Through Utility Billing Compliance

Reduce Risk in Utility Management Webcast

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