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OneSite® delivers new, innovative features that save you time with cross-property workflows and exception-based automation. Learn why customers rely on it as the single source of truth to drive policy compliance, maximize asset value and control risk.

OneSite simplifies the entire management process, giving you confidence that your business policies are integrated into daily workflows across your sites. Get greater visibility into rental property operations and financial activities. Expedite and simplify daily processes for your leasing staff. And do it all with a lower total cost of ownership than just about any other alternative. It doesn’t get any simpler – or easier – than this.

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Meet the Latest RealPage OneSite Innovations

Cut back office staff time by >80% with two innovative multifamily property management software features available only in RealPage® OneSite: bulk month-end close and move-out/FAS multiproperty views.

OneSite Helps Streamline Operations

RealPage OneSite gives the flexibility to create one system on a single platform for a seamless flow of data. It helps protect yield for conventional, student, affordable, tax credit, military and senior living properties.

3 Ways to Drive Major Efficiency Gains

OneSite is a scalable solution steeped in innovation. Across 4.7M units, this trusted solution helps multifamily operators optimize and centralize time-intensive manual tasks through bulk automation and exception-based and cross-property workflows.

Customer Stories

The evolution of OneSite into becoming browser agnostic has been cool to see. I used OneSite early on, and it was great, but it wasn’t the Ferrari it is now. It truly is a single source of truth. It’s much faster and sleeker than it was.

Being browser agnostic is important. The fact that I can show someone who uses Edge, someone that uses Internet Explorer, and a Chrome user and just pop open a different window and have it all be the same is great.

Kortney Balas
SVP Strategic Services, JVM

OneSite has helped our daily workflow, offering an array of benefits that have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. One of the standout features is the flexibility it provides. We can now use any device to access the platform, ensuring that our team can stay connected and productive regardless of their location. This flexibility has proven invaluable, especially in our line of work where being on the move is often a necessity.

While adopting new software can be a challenge, our experience with RealPage demonstrates that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. The unified experience and the tangible benefits it brings to our daily operations have proven that the initial challenges are well worth the long-term gains.

Kent Bighinatti
Director of Information Technology, Westminster Company

I love that the new OneSite experience allows us to work in multiple sites at once. My role as internal support is made so much easier because of this! It allows me to multitask and quickly handle whatever is thrown at me.

I also love the task-oriented approach of the Tasks pages. They help our site team members to easily see and focus on what needs to be done.

Additionally, all the filters and search options make it quicker to find what you are looking for, which is a huge time saver.

The new OneSite experience is faster, more intuitive, and more flexible than classic OneSite, and allows our teams to be more productive.

Lacey Gilley
Director of Operational Performance, Irwin R. Rose and Company

Simplification and automation are essential technology focuses at Blue Ridge. As early adopters of the new OneSite experience, this allowed us to immediately meet those goals.

First, we migrated to Unified Amenities, which helped us standardize our community and property amenities across the portfolio. This is extremely valuable as we are also users of AIRM and RealPage Marketing solutions, including G5.

Our Superusers/System Administrators benefit from Unified Settings as it’s easier to search, edit, and push updates across the portfolio. We also love that you can compare settings between the business models or sister communities.

Next, we onboarded our site teams, starting with new hires and leasing specialists who instantly benefited from the design and efficiency of the platform. Taking actions in bulk, such as delinquency comments, notices to vacate, and move-ins/outs, have been some of their favorite features.

Currently, we are adopting the platform across all facets of our business, benefitting from new operational efficiencies that you can only obtain in the new OneSite experience, such as BULK month end close.

Gina Carter, CAPS, CAM, CALP
Vice President – Portfolio Operations, Blue Ridge Companies
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