Benchmarking Compliance

Meet Expanding Local, State, ESG and Green Loan Mandates With Ease

There’s no time out when it comes to Energy Benchmarking Mandates! Here’s a sneak peek into how you might be impacted by new benchmarking mandates, penalties and more. Watch Now .

Mandated and Voluntary Benchmarking Map for Multifamily and Commercial Properties

Stay ahead of the game when it comes to improving your building performance scores. The number of building energy, water and waste mandates across the U.S. have nearly doubled the past few years. This Building Benchmarking Compliance Map* shows what’s changed and what to prepare for in the coming year.

*Note: We strive to update this information regularly, but compliance requirements vary and change. To verify compliance requirements for local benchmarking ordinances across the U.S., please contact us.

Coming soon: additional jurisdictions that appear to be in the process of implementing or strengthening building performance standards include: Annapolis; Grand Rapids; Ithaca; Milwaukee; Montpelier; New Orleans; Prince George’s County, MD; Sacramento; Saint Louis; Savannah; Santa Monica.

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Optimize Building Performance to Improve Property Value

For the fourth consecutive year, RealPage is the recipient of the prestigious 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Dept. of Energy. We’re also the first multifamily advisor to the EPA. Every year, we benchmark thousands of multifamily, affordable, student and mixed use properties, helping owners and operators meet mandates and optimize building performance.

By knowing which of your properties need the most improvements and where, you can optimize your investments to save as much as $1 per square foot – and improves asset value improvements by as much as $13 per square foot, according to the EPA.

Learn More about Building Performance Standards (BPS)

RealPage Energy Benchmarking Helps You Stay in Compliance

Obtaining the whole-building data in the right format can be hard. Monitoring performance as required by Green Loan providers and regulatory ordinance mandates on time, within scope (including requirements for audits, retrocommissioning and other actions) is tough too. And time-consuming process.

Here’s how our experts help:

  • Do the time-and-quality check intensive data collection, scrubbing and formatting challenges as well as local disclosure regulations
  • Leverage deep ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager knowledge to find “first principals solutions” – ways to invest and change operations to consume less
  • Track and provide you with reports, building scores and also submit for other sustainability and investor reporting, such as ESG Reporting using GRESB and other investor sustainability reporting tools
Energy Benchmarking 2024: What You Need to Know.

Learn what's new in benchmarking and how to tackle common issues and challenges.

Meeting ESG Investor and Compliance for Green Loans

A growing number of Green Loan providers are offering lower interest rates and much better terms to invest in technologies and services that cut waste, energy and waste. Benchmarking is required to qualify for those discounts and terms. Many government incentives – many of which are provided through energy and water utilities -- also require full building benchmarking. Our Benchmarking Compliance solution is tailored for ESG Investors and leading Green Lenders, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who now require whole-building energy and water usage data.

Services and benefits include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Green Loan requirements and resources
  • Automation for ESG reporting and Green Loan investors
  • Labor to collect, clean up and prepare requisite data
  • Providing thorough and accurate lender reports
  • Helping to monitor and suggest improvements to increase scores for buildings that need it most
Learn How RealPage Team Can Help You Meet Mandated Benchmarking Requirements and Improve Your Building Performance Scores.