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A Shift to Virtual in Affordable Housing

A Multifamily Bulletin

Affordable Housing operations are typically managed through disparate systems that do not provide an end-to-end solution for managing the prospect-to-resident journey and the resident lifecycle. Maintaining those systems and processes requires large resource expenditures that are a drain on limited revenue. Moreover, they bog down employees who feel overwhelmed and, thus, can’t think strategically. That’s why the Affordable Housing sector is redefining the applicant/resident experience, moving away from its traditional time-consuming, paper-laden, staff-intensive, inefficient processes toward an efficient, self-service, online, paperless system.

A shift to virtual can enable Affordable Housing portfolios to meet budget, minimize vacancy days, reduce risk and maximize NOI. If you’re thinking about making a shift to virtual at your Affordable properties, we've created this bulletin to help get you started.

a shift to virtual in affordable housing

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