RISE: A Real Estate Company Becomes Truly Mobile with the RealPage Mobile Facilities App

What’s the one drawback to facilities? All the back and forth to fill out paperwork, which wastes time and money, and reduces resident satisfaction. Carlos Galvez, Software Platform Analyst, RISE A Real Estate Company uses the RealPage Mobile Facilities App to keep their techs in the field closing more service requests faster without having to come back to the office to turn in and get more paperwork.

Generate New Requests On The Fly

RISE’s techs and staff are able to generate new service requests on the fly; they can be proactive instead of reactive. Plus they can do an entire inspection right from the app including any chargebacks to the resident.

Increased Efficiency

Carlos’ team was also able to make their make ready boards a thing of the past. With RealPage Facilities and Mobile Facilities App, they can do and track every step, in real time, right in the app for everyone to see. That way there’s no question as to what needs to be done or has already been done. In addition, there is a full reporting utility that allows you to just go into the software, choose the unit that you want select the move-in and move-out inspections and compare them side-by-side.

The RealPage Mobile Facilities App gives you optimized performance, increases property and corporate efficiencies, helps make your turns faster and more efficient, and increases resident satisfaction because your staff can get more done in less time.

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