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Facilities software built to close more service requests faster, increasing resident satisfaction.

You want to keep your maintenance staff in the field closing service requests and keeping residents happy. Printing and assigning service requests, collecting paperwork and re-keying information not only takes time but can keep your staff from doing more. It’s the exact thing that Camden and their facilities team have been trying to solve. That’s why they began using the RealPage Mobile Facilities App.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since they started using it Travis Oden, Director of Asset Management at Camden estimates they are saving 5 to 7 minutes on each service request with an estimated savings of around $750,000 for service requests alone. 

More than Just Work Orders

The RealPage Mobile Facilities App can make inspections a snap by putting everything you need to document in the palm of your hand and you can chargeback the resident right from the app, showing them exactly why by attaching the proper reports and images. In addition, you can maintain a digital make ready board keeping everyone in the know which will help create even more efficiencies in your front and back office. 

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