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Know where you stand with a unique platform that provides accurate competitor benchmarking. Know what action to take with 360-degree portfolio insight. Make your move.

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Business Intelligence

Raising the Bar on Business Intelligence

Execute on objectives. Improve efficiency. Increase effectiveness. As the multifamily industry’s premiere analytics solution, YieldStar Business Intelligence™ accelerates your profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses. Gain valuable insight and clarity into performance across your portfolio. Immediately identify risk and opportunity, access contextualized analysis impacting the metrics that drive performance. From customizable dashboards, custom reporting and foundational reports, to actionable scorecards, find the answers when you need them and how you need them to maximize your returns.

See What You’re Missing with
Multifamily Business Intelligence


Delivered from lease-transaction data updated daily


The most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom report writer in the industry


Customizable dashboards facilitate multi-dimensional analysis


Drill-down capability, transaction-level granularity and integrated external data


360-degree insight into key metrics including operational, marketing, demographic, facilities, screening, accounting and affordable compliance


Use on iPhone, iPad, MAC, Android or PC

“I can oversee our portfolio on my tablet with real-time transparency into the metrics that move the needle. RealPage® Business Intelligence has had an immediate impact on the performance of our assets.”

Kris Bloom
Executive Vice President, Prime Residential

“The industry has used benchmarking for years, but has never before had access to true, lease-level transactions. RealPage possesses the quality and depth of data with Performance Analytics that no other company serving the industry can provide. Visibility into this data is a game changer for us.”

Kip Zacharias
Vice President of Business Services, Camden

Benchmarking: Does Your Strategy Measure Up?

Asset Optimization Benchmarking Webcast

You’re tracking performance in your assets and across your portfolio, using this information to make strategic decisions. But are you able to compare your results to broader trends in the market, gauging whether your strategy decisions are producing desired results? Today, using traditional methods to track asset performance is just not enough to build your strategies.

RealPage Financial Benchmarking tools can help. Learn how by watching this informative, on-demand webcast with RealPage experts Greg Willett, Chief Economist, Alison Stump, VP Business Intelligence—Analytics and RPX, and Andrew Bowen, Industry Principal—Asset Optimization.

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A multifamily portfolio benchmarking solution that shows where you stand.


RealPage Business Intelligence Performance Benchmarking

Only RealPage Business Intelligence and Performance Benchmarking let you know where you stand against the competition by using real-time lease transaction data for more accurate comparisons. Benchmark internally across your portfolio and externally against competing properties in and around your region. Drill-down capability makes it possible to compare by market, submarket and zip code. Its performance benchmarking that makes business intelligence intelligent.

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Know More about Your Competitors

Our revolutionary benchmarking feature enables you to definitively answer the questions that surround external market performance. By providing real-time visibility into the performance of your portfolio against the RealPage data set of over 10 million units of lease-transaction data, you’ll have the clarity necessary to make strategic decisions to help you dominate the market.

An Industry First

YieldStar Business Intelligence Performance Benchmarking signals the first time that owners and managers can monitor true peer performance from revenue to practically every aspect for managing multifamily rental housing properties.

As the only lease-transaction-based, multi-dimensional benchmarking solution for multifamily, our platform has revolutionized performance measurement in multifamily. Access to this colossal database comprised of tens of millions of bits online lease-transaction details makes it possible to provide real-time benchmarking with cross-portfolio transparency — regardless of the property management system.

Preset key performance indicators make it easy to delineate the primary drivers of portfolio performance in addition to revenue: rent roll, occupancy, rent trade out, renewal conversion, vacant days between leases, rent-to-income ratios and other KPIs. Because other business intelligence tools only reflect asking rents for comparative analysis, they do not reflect true performance and cannot provide visibility into actual revenue. Now you can know.

See What You’re Missing with Multifamily Performance Benchmarking


For critical KPIs where timing matters


Aggregation from portfolio down to unit-level granularity


Reveal metrics driving asset outperformance


Navigate same-store performance MoM, QoQ, YoY


Provide data cleansing for more accurate assessments


Benchmark performance internally and externally


Normalized metrics across multiple property management systems


Browser and device agnostic for accessibility almost anywhere

Know What They’re Saying about YieldStar Business Intelligence

Marcellus Mosley

CWS Apartment Homes, LLC
Marcellus Mosley
Senior Vice President, Director of Operations

Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Analytics (PA) have provided a superior weapon in our arsenal at CWS for maximizing property performance by creating a new level of visibility into the granular performance trends of our assets.

The level of transactional detail available at my fingertips is unprecedented in the history of multifamily management— without the heavy, labor-intensive research, data gathering, compilation and formatting processes. The critical path performance metrics contained within the PA and BI environment has enabled CWS to capture low-hanging fruit for underperforming assets, as well as fine-tune operations on properties previously believed to be leading performers.

The BI platform has already been implemented in conducting monthly financial reviews, asset management engagements, budgeting accuracy, cash flow forecasting and ownership reviews. All of these uses for the products are firmly in place after only a few weeks of training and deployment.

We are still exploring and finding other significant ways to utilize the tool to improve oversight of assets including report automation, custom report development and elimination of several manual reporting tasks. The platform is sure to revolutionize our approach to maximizing asset value in a similar manner to the results we achieved when we rolled out YieldStar® several years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Intelligence

  1. What information is available today in Business Intelligence?
  2. Business Intelligence offers dashboards and reports covering: key operational insight including demand, supply, rents, revenue, marketing, demographic, facilities, screening, accounting and affordable compliance insight.

  3. Does the platform provide the ability to include external data sources?
  4. Yes. The tool does have the ability to incorporate data from third-party property management providers for lease metrics, as well as accounting information.

  5. How often is the data updated?
  6. Nightly. The information presented in the dashboards, reports and BI Designer is updated nightly from RealPage integrated data sources and select third parties. Data refresh is not contingent on the property date advance in OneSite.

  7. Can I create custom dashboards?
  8. Yes. The platform is flexible, allowing users to create custom dashboards leveraging our extensive library of KPIs and widgets. The order and arrangement can be tailored to meet your needs.

  9. Can I create custom reports?
  10. Yes. A library of foundational reports is available but users can also create custom reports leveraging our advanced reporting tool. BI Designer provides access to the underlying data with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality for creating reports and ad hoc analysis. Training is provided by our team of consultants to select users responsible for generating reports within your organization.

  11. Does the tool have drill-down capability?
  12. Yes. Directly from the dashboards, users can drill through to additional details at the portfolio, asset and floor-plan level, all the way to unit and lease-level details in some cases. The drill-through views include supplemental information for added insight.

  13. How do I incorporate my company’s reporting and property group structure?
  14. Our platform provides the ability to import custom tags (property attributes) that allow for easy selection of properties from the dashboards and reports through filter sets and advanced search capabilities. Custom tags may include market, asset type, regional manager, owner, fund or any preferred attribute. Users can also create custom groups on the fly.

  15. Can I evaluate performance across a region or portfolio of properties?
  16. Yes. Each dashboard includes a scorecard accessed directly from the KPI bar allowing you to rank performance across the properties selected. You can easily select the metrics most important to you and sort based on top or bottom performers.

  17. Can I receive a copy of the data on a recurring basis to incorporate into our internal data warehouse?
  18. Yes. BI Exchange is available for clients needing access to the underlying data. Nightly backups are delivered to a secure FTP site. A data dictionary with table and field descriptions can be provided.

  19. Is external benchmarking available?
  20. Yes. Through Performance Benchmarking, a feature of BI, preset KPIs reveal your standing against market competitors.

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Talk to any student housing operator and they’ll acknowledge a “rush” of a different kind on college campuses each year. Move-in day and the weeks leading up to it are intense as leasing agents try to fill beds, Resident Life is making roommate assignments and parents are calling to ask one more time what their kid can or cannot bring.

In the meantime, operators constantly check progress against any historical data they may have cobbled together to see if beds are filling at the rate they did for the same period (usually a week) last year and years before.

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In a market crowded with business intelligence software solutions, how do you know which one provides relevant and accurate data to help your business? Here are the five factors that are critical to helping your business achieve substantial results across its portfolio:

1. Competitor benchmarking: Self-service benchmarking tools can reveal where you stand against the competition. The best benchmarking tools allow you to analyze market performance across various scales and provide information with relevant real-time data. Benchmarking is crucial to gauge your true standing in the market, and for developing a winning strategy for….. READ MORE

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