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RealPage BI Solutions Review by Barker Management

BI Lets Managers Instantly See Where Attention is Needed

The folks at Barker Management are sticklers for fine-tuning property performance. But for most of the 45 years, they’ve been managing affordable properties, this meant looking at numbers property by property to turn up any problems in metrics such as vacancies, rents, leasing trends and service requests.

There was simply no way to globally review the portfolio looking for markers of performance. And that’s a problem when you’re overseeing a lot of properties (Barker manages 130 of them today).

Everything changed, company president Peter Barker says here, with the adoption of RealPage’s BI solutions. 

Real-Time Data Drives Efficiency 

Today his regional managers can view a colorful dashboard showing both trends across the portfolio as a whole and important KPIs at the individual properties. They can then drill down to any level of detail to identify areas that might need attention. 

There’s no more waiting for reports to review performance, and then working to make sense of the numbers. Data now automatically flows into BI, where it’s displayed via intuitive charts and graphs on dashboards that are customizable to show the metrics important to each manager. “Now, we can look at the portfolio as a whole, grade performance from top to bottom, and then spend our time on, say, the 20% that are weakest,” Barker told us. “We now save all that time we used to spend picking through the data on the top 80% that are doing fine.”

Deep Insights Balances Performance

According to Barker, the biggest change has been the improvement in accountability. Home office managers now have much deeper insight into the performance of regional managers and regional managers of their site managers. The company can for the first time easily measure performance and either let managers know they’re doing well or nudge them to improve areas that need work.

Today all of the company’s regional managers are using RealPage’s BI solution. Barker says the next step is to roll it out to the individual properties so on-site managers can view the BI data as well. This way, site managers are looking at the same data on their screens as their regional managers as they review what’s in good shape and what needs attention.

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