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Demandx: Connect Advertising, Leasing & Pricing Together with AI

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RealPage® is thrilled to introduce Demandx™, an innovative approach to demand operations.

With today’s uncertain market, the multifamily industry is exploring and adopting new ways to modernize what is traditionally done in silos. By aligning the demand levers of advertising, leasing and pricing, you can spend smarter, lease faster and price right.

Powered by AI technology, Demandx recommends the right pricing strategy and predicts future exposure. It uses this prediction to guide advertising spend and leasing agent activities and to minimize vacancy before it even happens, ultimately improving lead-to-lease conversions.

Hosted by RealPage industry experts, this webcast will explore how Demandx helps redefine how businesses operate, combining AI Revenue Management, G5® Smart Digital Advertising and Knock® CRM into a seamless, cohesive solution. Demandx empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

During the webcast, you’ll learn how Demandx can:

  • Optimize pricing, acquire the right prospects and convert leads faster with AI-driven precision
  • Connect your demand levers, unlocking new insights that enable you to spend smarter, lease faster and price right
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to optimize your demand funnel by connecting data across functions

Join us on the journey to discover the future of demand optimization. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock new levels of success and outperform the competition with Demandx!

Andrew Bowen

Vice President & Industry Principal, RealPage, Inc.

Andrew Bowen serves RealPage customers and partners as a Vice President and Industry Principal dedicated to the Institutional and Build-to-Rent spaces. For over a decade, his focus has been on the tools that help investors and operators of multifamily real estate drive yield through better leveraging data and analytics.

Considered one of the experts on revenue management in multifamily, he is a regularly featured speaker on both the webcast and conference circuit, bringing a passion backed by over 20 years of operational experience to the conversation.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  When not pontificating on the future of the industry, you can usually find him either in the gym or on the lake with his two grown “boys” and his wife of 25 years.

Dayna Gardner

Industry Principal, Marketing, RealPage, Inc.

Dayna Gardner is an Industry Principal at RealPage and a renowned multifamily professional with nearly two decades of experience in property operations, marketing and resident experience strategy. Currently, she is deeply immersed in all aspects of digital marketing for multifamily and leveraging data and insights to drive marketing strategy performance. As a thought leader in multifamily marketing and resident experience, Dayna is influencing the next generation of product innovation and business development strategy at RealPage. With her extensive expertise, Dayna is at the forefront of the multifamily industry and shares valuable insights on the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing for multifamily.

Rich Hughes

Senior Vice President, Data Science, RealPage, Inc.

Rich Hughes first entered the data revolution with apartment owner/operators AMLI and Archstone for over a decade, and is now head data scientist with RealPage. Hughes believes that today’s winners in complex, asset-intensive, service-based industries—from Amazon to apartments—have discovered the operational trifecta: over-delivering on promises while keeping the operation streamlined and affordable. He spends his days creating centralized command and control capacity for apartment operators, mainly regional managers, to streamline their operations through better and faster decision-making. He does this by analyzing data to predict outcomes, giving apartment operators prescriptive recommendations that are mathematically solvent and intelligence that is continually learning.

Demandx: Connect Advertising, Leasing & Pricing Together with AI

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Demandx: Connect Advertising, Leasing & Pricing Together with AI

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