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Welcome to RealPage Utility Management

Incorporating the best features of NWP and Velocity, RealPage delivers comprehensive energy expense management , resident utility billing and payments , submetering and more. With RealPage, residents get convenient billing and payment options, and property managers can benchmark themselves to reduce energy waste and utility costs.

NWP Services Corporation and Velocity are part of RealPage Utility Management

RealPage Inc. acquired NWP Services Corporation in February 2016

NWP was a leading provider of cloud-based resident billing, electronic payments, energy management, back office accounting and IT infrastructure solutions. The combined offering creates the leading resident billing, utility management , and back office services platform in the rental housing industry. The platform enables property owners and managers to increase the collection of rent, utilities, small balances, vacant unit recovery as well as provide full-service commercial and residential back-office accounting solutions .

History of NWP

Founded in 1995, NWP focused on building the most secure, legally compliant and diverse billing configuration platform available in all 50 states, serving apartment owners and managers of all types and sizes. NWP began their services by sitting down and strategizing with owners and managers regarding the best way to provide resident utility billing to help recover utility costs spent on behalf of residents and encourage conservation. As the first provider of utility cost recovery services to the multifamily industry, NWP provided innovative and compliant solutions for our customers that optimize operational performance and increase resident satisfaction.

Since 2008, utility costs have continued to rise at 10 times the rate of all other operating expenses in multifamily to become the third largest expense for owners and managers encompassing as much as 15 percent of a property’s total operating expense in any given year. With energy and water shortages on the rise, it is now more imperative than ever to find a way to recover and reduce these costs to keep net operating income positive while meeting the stringent and increasingly growing number of regulatory and legislative requirements at the federal, state and local levels.

Why NWP and RealPage?

Regulatory Compliance – Keeping compliant is a big job. NWP’s regulatory legal team is both the largest and most experienced in multifamily utility billing including full-time attorneys with a combined 65 years of experience.

Our regulatory team constantly updates and maintains extensive databases of state, county and municipal laws, ordinances, and regulations affecting submetering, utility billing, and energy management across the country delivering the most comprehensive regulatory assistance available in the industry. When warranted, the team will send customers regulatory updates on developing issues. Over the last 20 years, NWP has established strong working relationships with all appropriate government agencies with authority or jurisdiction over the multifamily industry to better our customers. NWP’s legal team extremely active in state and local legislative bodies to actively monitor, introduce and defend policy matters that may impact clients, industry and the environment.

Customer Service – NWP has some of the longest service hours in the industry providing live support 7 days a week. Getting answers is quick and convenient for our customers and their residents. The dedicated team of trained professionals is eager to please and help customers and residents. This means more time for customers to focus on their core business objectives. Did you know that NWP takes over 20% of their customer service calls during evenings and weekends? Extended hours are just one more way we aim to delight customers.

Utility Management and Resident Billing Overview

Watch and learn how to save time and money, conserve energy, and slash your utility management expenses , all while offering the convenience of consolidated resident billing.

More About NWP

Innovation – NWP Labs is our research and development division. The engineers were challenged to push the boundaries of technology to make the multifamily industry work better. NWP Labs pushes the envelope to innovate and deliver real value for customers. New offerings are simple, engaging, beautiful and intuitive.

Product & Regulatory Updates – Our product updates keep customers informed about the newest improvements NWP is making to enhance their experience and optimize performance. We also send out regulatory updates so customers are aware of the latest developments in legislation pertaining to our industry.

The Journal of Utility Management – Unique to NWP, our Journal of Utility Management magazine provides in-depth information on the multifamily industry. Customers often contribute articles sharing their field-tested utility management best practices.

The Utility Management Advisory – The Utility Management Advisory was founded by NWP as an organization of industry professionals working together to advance the utility management profession. The group shares peer-to-peer best practices, acts as a sounding board for members seeking solutions and meets monthly to conduct informative educational webinars.

The Utility Management Advisory – NWP’s organization of industry professionals working together to advance the utility management profession. The group shares peer-to-peer best practices, acts as a sounding board for members seeking solutions and meets monthly to conduct informative educational webinars.

Energy Summit & Customer Advisory Council Conference – Want to know the latest news affecting the multifamily industry from the EPA or HUD? Also unique to NWP, our annual Energy Summit brings together innovative thinkers from the multifamily industry, government, and general business to discuss the latest trends in utility management, conservation, and sustainability. Our Customer Advisory Council Conference brings together customers and NWP’s executives and product managers to share best practices and discuss product enhancements.