Selecting Ideas

Selecting Ideas Using the Idea Exchange

RealPage monitors the idea Exchange to understand which ideas are the most import and relevant. Subcommittee members represent the user community by endorsing top ideas. Twice a year ideas are prioritized and selected for development.

RealPage / User Community


All year, RealPage product managers monitor the Idea Exchange.

  • Ideas are verified to be valid.
  • Fixes/maintenance items are removed
  • Stale/outdated items are archived.

All members of the user community can add, promote/demote, and comment on ideas.

Subcommittee Members

Members are notified of the upcoming vote. They are given at least two weeks to promote or demote their favorite ideas in the Idea Exchange.


After the promotion deadline, a list of ideas is downloaded from the Idea Exchange. RealPage product managers review the list and send it to their subcommittee members. A call is scheduled to discuss ideas to include in the vote.

Subcommittee Members

Members review the list of ideas. They should be prepared to endorse their favorites. If their idea didn’t get many points (promotes), it is their job to bring it up, discuss it, and sell it to other subcommittee members. Ideas are selected for the vote.


Subcommittee Members

At vote time, RealPage and subcommittee members work together to select product ideas for development. It’s a collaborative process that gives our subcommittees a bigger voice.