Best Practices

Best Practices for the Idea Exchange

The Idea Exchange leverages the power of you—our user community. You can suggest new product enhancements, vote and comment on your favorites, and interact with product managers and other clients. This is the one stop forum for all product enhancement requests, and we’re listening.
Our product managers monitor the Idea Exchange to understand which ideas are most important to our clients. Feedback from the Idea Exchange is used to plan future product releases. Our product manager will appear on the Ideas Exchange occasionally to comment on an ongoing discussion or ask for input.

Tips for Engaging on the Idea Exchange

Search First

Since our community is growing, search to see if another member has already posted your idea. Use the search box to see if a matching idea already exists. Keep our idea community clean and productive by always searching before you post.

Submit an Idea

If you’ve searched and not found an idea like yours, time to submit it. To submit a new idea, click the “Submit an Idea” button. Enter a clear and descriptive title and description. Titles like “reporting” do not offer other members enough information about your idea. Clearly state the specific issue you are recommending. Then, choose one category related to your request. When posting an idea, put other members in the best position to judge and respond to your idea.

Choosing your Idea Category

Categories reflect the major functional areas of RealPage product and services. Placing your idea into the appropriate category will make it easier for other clients and our product management team to locate.

Promote and Comment on Your Favorite Ideas

Do you have a favorite idea you are passionate about? Make sure to promote it! Popularity of an idea is a function of the number of times the idea has been promoted and received comments. Your comment on why this idea is important helps our subcommittees prioritize the idea.

Idea Exchange Terminology

In Discussion

This is the status assigned to new ideas. These ideas are currently under consideration.

Ideas in Development

This status indicates the idea is planned but currently in development.

Export Ideas

Allows you to export ideas to an Excel spreadsheet. You can filter by category, date created, most votes, and most popular.

Ideas in Action

This status indicates that an idea has been implemented into the product and is available.

My Profile

A link to “My Profile” is in the upper left corner. You will see all the ideas you’ve posted and the status. You can also see comments you’ve added to ideas and the ideas you have promoted/demoted. Use this area to sort through ideas you have already considered and the ideas you have submitted.