User Group Overview

The RealPage User Group is the organization recognized by RealPage to improve communications between RealPage and the user community, and to promote communications between users. Participation provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, address issues, and explore solutions to meet the changing needs of users.

The user group was formed in 2003 with 10 members to discuss creative software enhancements for the mutual benefit of all users. Today there are over 1000 active members. The steering committee is responsible for leadership of the subcommittees. It includes 2 officers, a chair for each subcommittee and numerous RealPage product experts.

Major Activities of the User Group

  • The product enhancement vote is conducted twice a year. Clients add ideas to the Idea Exchange and subcommittee members collaborate with RealPage to select enhancements.
  • Quarterly subcommittee conference calls. These calls allow each participant to give their feedback and promote their ideas. Additional conference calls will be made as needed.

Subcommittees meet in-person at the annual user conference. These meetings give members a forum to express opinions and discuss issues with other members.

Connecting Users and RealPage

  • RealPage is eager to enhance all products to fit the requirements of users. Product users know what works best for the user community. The benefits of membership can be seen by anyone who is willing to participate and speak up.
  • The priority needs of users are identified and acted upon.
  • The requirements of all users—whether large property management companies or small property owners—are addressed.
  • It is an opportunity to communicate common user interests directly to RealPage management.

Time Commitment

Subcommittees require different levels of commitment, with some being more time consuming than others. On average, it should not take more than five hours per month to perform subcommittee business. On occasion, subcommittee activities will occur at the same time. During the user conference, subcommittees meet simultaneously due to space and time limitations. If you are a member on multiple subcommittees, you will need to choose the subcommittee which you have the most involvement with. You can also select someone from your company to represent you during concurrent activities.


To join, fill out the online membership form. The information will be sent to a RealPage liaison for consideration. User group members are notified of upcoming activities using the e-mail address provided during enrollment. Active members of the user group are also given access to subcommittee documents.

  • Members must agree to the terms outlined in the subcommittee charter.
  • Subcommittee Chairs must agree to the terms outlined in the steering committee charter.