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Boost Employee Retention and NOI with Multifamily’s First Employee Recognition Platform

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Energize Employee Engagement from Any Device

The average overall employee turnover rate in the multifamily industry is 32.7%i. RealPage® Recognitions is the industry’s first customizable employee rewards and recognition platform enabling companies like yours to retain top talent, improve individual performance and provide a more meaningful and engaged work experience.

Integration with RealPage’s industry renowned learning management platform, EasyLMS®, makes it easy for users to access Recognitions from their EasyLMS dashboard (and vice-versa). This streamlined experience enables your teams to deliver, manage, track and report on employee engagement from one location on any device.

The Value of High Employee Engagementii

Highly engaged teams show a 17% increase in productivity.

Companies with highly engaged teams have 21% greater profitability.

Highly engaged employees are 4.6X more likely to perform their best.

Make Their Day

  • Curate a list of custom SHOUT OUTS promoting goals, core values and company culture that employees can quickly post with personalized messages.
  • The CELEBRATIONS feature enables employees to share and encourage others on birthdays, work anniversaries and first days on the job.
  • ACTIVITY FEEDS automatically display Shout Outs and Celebrations as they are posted in real time. Employees can respond with KUDOS or with a personalized comment
  • Employees can REDEEM POINTS earned for Shout Outs and Kudos and choose from prizes, benefits or experiences defined by your company.
  • MY RECOGNITIONS tracks all Shout Outs, Kudos and comments received and given and rewards earned so employees can keep track of all their accomplishments.
  • Employees with the highest number of Shout Outs are highlighted in real time by the system and automatically appear in the TOP 10 LEADERBOARD.

“In the first few days of implementing RealPage Recognitions, we’ve seen over 500 Shout Outs. It doesn’t take any effort or interrupt your workday. Recognition that would often go forgotten happens all the time now, and that is a big morale boost to our employees.”

Christi Weinstein
Vice President of Support Operations, BH Management
Employee Recognition Has Its Own Rewards

Learn more about how RealPage Recognitions can help your strategy to retain top talent.

Start reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

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