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RealPage Recognitions Helps BH Management Boost Employee Engagement

BH Management turned to RealPage® for a learning solution providing better peer-to-peer recognition and more comprehensive, intuitive training.

BH Management®, one of the largest multifamily institutions in the U.S., turned to RealPage® for a solution that would increase employee engagement and inspire their team.

Previous recognition efforts from corporate associates and leadership to frontline teams proved inconsistent, while peer-to-peer recognition needed boosting.

Implementation of RealPage Recognitions was seamless—with regular support calls to ensure satisfaction and share feedback. Plus, gamification of the leaderboard and badges engaged learners in the system to seek extra courses and compete with each other for bragging rights.

Since its implementation, employees have embraced the new platform: Over two-thirds of BH’s 2,300+ employees were recognized during the beta launch. To date, over 88% of employees have been recognized and nearly 40% of employees have recognized at least one other employee.

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realpage recognitions helps bh management boost employee engagement

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