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Learning Management System Review by KMG Prestige

Sam Brooks, Vice President at KMG Prestige, reviews how RealPage’s EasyLMS Learning Management System</a helps his managers track his employees’ growth and training, while motivating the employees to continue the learning process.

EasyLMS removes barriers to learning, enhances the learning experience, and establishes learning as a culture to activate your staff's potential and leverage increased knowledge across your organization. Data is easily accessible in multiple formats, like custom reports and easy-to-understand dashboards, bringing clarity, visibility and consistency to your training program, revitalizing your employees to learn and helping their managers to support them.

The business benefits are equally energizing. With EasyLMS, you'll cut costs, boost efficiency and drive business results even further. To start, its single-solution approach provides 360-degree content coverage that virtually eliminates the need for expensive, in-person training and multiple learning platforms. Efficiency comes in the form of short engaging training segments or “learning snacks” as we like to call them (10-15 minutes each) that get your employees back to work faster. And while they learn, you can easily track their progress to keep your learning strategy and you heading in the right direction. It's a comprehensive training package that will excite your entire company to grow.

How to transform the way your entire organization learns to achieve competitive advantage and lower costs. Read the free eBook The 5 Elements of a Successful Multifamily Learning Program.

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