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EasyLMS Keeps Training on Track

Your staff is your most valuable, and most expensive, asset. That’s why it’s a wonder so many property management companies view training so casually. With the right learning program in place, you can be constantly increasing the value of your staff at low cost, equipping them for increasing responsibility and reducing the need to go outside the company for new talent.

Investing in Your #1 Asset

Morgan Bartkowiak of Continental Properties describes how EasyLMS, RealPage’s comprehensive learning management platform, allows Continental to easily manage and monitor a program of ongoing learning for all their employees. And not just “soft skills” such as industry knowledge and workplace regulations: Continental chose EasyLMS partly for its ability to host “hard skills” (software learning) as well. 

Managers create learning roadmaps for the people in their departments, then monitor their performance and progress easily using a dashboard that gives them a snapshot of who’s doing what and who might need help or prodding. There’s no need to dig into each employee’s training individually unless there’s a specific reason to drill down.

Gamification Drives Engagement

Employees are motivated not only by the prospect of increased responsibilities and income but also by built-in badges, points and other “gamification” features that add a competitive touch to learning. And the platform makes it easy for each employee to see what they’ve accomplished, what’s up next and whether they’re behind in one area or another. The navigation and user interface are simple, colorful and intuitive.

EasyLMS has paid off for Continental particularly in the case of new hires – and because the company is heavily into lease-ups, there’s a consistent addition of new site staff to properties along with shifting of site employees. EasyLMS gives the company an easy way to prepare employees in new positions for quick success with carefully targeted training, avoiding the slow learning curve that typically holds productivity back while they learn the ropes.

Instead of being put on a back burner as something employees will get to when they have time, which often means never, learning at Continental shares a place next to everyday work responsibilities as “mission critical.” And Continental is reaping big benefits from this difference.

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Are consistent learning and staff improvement a priority at your company? If not, please explore EasyLMS and what it can do to cost-effectively implement “continual staff improvement” for you. 

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