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Holding on to Great Employees Starts with Recognizing Them

People who feel appreciated are more likely to stay at your company, and they’re also more productive.

When employees feel like their voices are heard, they’re more likely to do their best work. Companies that build recognition into their culture inspire those employees to give their all—and gain their loyalty in the process.

The key to a successful recognition program is consistency. When it’s part of a company’s everyday routine, recognition is proven to increase retention. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to help employees feel appreciated and connected.

Recognition software taps into our natural competitiveness by adding a fun “contest” element to the workday.

Every time an employee is recognized, points are added to an electronic leaderboard for everyone to see. Once enough points are accumulated, rewards like badges and gift cards can be redeemed. It’s an easy, enjoyable way for employees and managers to recognize great work.

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holding on to great employees starts with recognizing them

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