Product Vote

Product Enhancement Vote

The product enhancement vote allows RealPage customers to vote on enhancements they would like to see added to the company’s on-demand products. It is a web-based voting system that can only be accessed by authorized users—that is, those named as voting delegates for the property management companies that choose to participate in the vote.

RealPage gathers all enhancement requests that have come in since the last product vote—as well as all the requests that did not make the Top 5 list in previous votes. Subcommittee members—not RealPage—are responsible for selecting the enhancements that go into the vote. Each product in the vote has up to 15 enhancements with Leasing & Rents getting 25 enhancements for consideration. The voter is responsible for ranking the importance of each enhancement in relation to his or her company.

Voting Eligibility

The product vote is designed to give an equal voice to all companies. Each property management company is allowed to cast one ballot per product center.

Voting Process

Superusers are asked to designate the voting delegates for his or her property management company. They can assign a product expert from their company or add their own information as a voter. More than one person from the same company can vote; however, only one voter is allowed per product center. For example, the designated voter for Leasing & Rents ranks the enhancements according to priority. At the same time, the designated voter for Accounting can rank the Accounting enhancements according to priority, and so on.

Superusers will receive e-mail notification when voting is open, along with a link to the online voting system. The product vote is conducted over a two-week period, allowing property management companies time to review the list of enhancements and confer with the appropriate people within their organizations. Once the voting closes, no ballots are accepted.

Ranking Enhancements

Product centers have up to 15 available enhancements up for vote (with Leasing & Rents having 25.) Voters prioritize the enhancements by ranking them from 1–25 (or however many enhancements are available), with 1 being the most critical need. Rankings can be changed at any time; the final ranking at the close of voting is used.

Voting Results

RealPage tabulates the results and notifies the user community of the Top 5 enhancement requests. The results of the Spring Product Vote are made available at subcommittee follow-up conference calls or the RealWorld user conference. The results of the Fall Product Enhancement Vote are reported in subcommittee follow-up calls.

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